Intel Greenlighted To Supply Huawei With Products


Intel has said it has obtained a licence from the US government to trade with the Chinese giant, Huawei. The semiconductor giant told a supply chain company that it had sought approval from the US to supply Huawei. This is for Huawei’s supply chain company can continue its notebook project.

The Intel news follows the new curbs that went effective from September 15th that barred US companies from supplying or servicing Huawei.

The US-China relations have deteriorated the past two years and this has affected a major Chinese company, Huawei. They have been caught in the middle and resulted in them being put on an entity list that barred them from trading with US companies.

This news is particularly interesting because just a few days ago, Intel’s competitor AMD confirmed last week that they were granted a licence to sell their products to companies in the entity list.

This follows last week’s confirmation by the China’s Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation that it had sought permission to service Huawei. They use US origin equipment so that is why they needed permission before servicing Huawei.

This news follows the US Department of Commerce tightening its export controls. These prevented Huawei to procure US manufactured items through third parties. However, critics have argued that this move could encourage China to develop its own chips and technologies to support Huawei and other Chinese companies.