Energy Ministry Could Require Developers Incorporate Electric Car Charging Stations

This could happen in the next 5 years

electric car charging

The government wants buildings including those owned by the state to incorporate electric car charging stations in the next five years.

According to the Standard, the Ministry of Energy could require real estate developers to incorporate electric car charging stations between 2020 and 2025. This is because as the new technology starts to pick up, they would want the faster adoption of less polluting vehicles.

In a strategy to boost their uptake between now and 2025, they have plans to increase the number of electric vehicle imports to 5% of total imports. This would mean increasing the number of imported electric cars to about 16,000 per year.

This will involve incentives to lower import duty for electric cars, bicycles and tuk-tuks as well as lower vehicle road taxes. It will also involve revision of the building code to incorporate charging stations in public buildings and new estate. The government through the National Treasury reduced the excise duty of fully electric cars to 10% down from 20%.

The Ministry is also in talks with other energy players on putting up charging stations. ““We are already talking to Kenya Power to see if we can facilitate the establishment of charging stations and what that is going to look like,” Issac Kiva, Secretary for Renewable Energ said.

This news comes after KenGen announced last month that they were planning to roll out electric car charging infrastructure. The fact that the government is serious about this means that the next decade, we should see more of these cars in the country, which is great news.


  1. Great news! We need to develop in the direction of maintaining electric cars in the country. I recently purchased an electric car. I have a private house and have the ability to charge at night, but sometimes there is a time when you need to do it in the middle of the day in the city and sometimes it is difficult to find a charging station. I also want to recommend if someone wants to buy a good electric car at an affordable price.

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