Trump Announces He’s Got COVID-19, Twitter Erupts

Trump covid-19

Today, US President, Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he and his wife contracted COVID-19 which is big news.

Trump is not the first leader to contract the disease. Brazil’s Bolsonaro and UK’s Boris also contacted the mask months ago. Trump’s announcement will have more exposure since he is the president of the United States and Americans are quite vocal on social platforms like Twitter. Additionally, the United States is still leading with the number of confirmed cases and deaths from the virus.

This bombshell came late at night for Americans but the tweet is on course to become one of the most retweeted and liked post for him. COVID-19 has been a persistent theme for the year and the US President contracting it a month to elections was bound to be huge news.

This announcement by Donald Trump lit Twitter up with a whole number of comments about his health. This ranged from relief to concern and others dismissing it as a tactic to win elections. Here are some of them.

This went dark pretty fast

Some people do not believe him

The irony on this tweet

The conspiracy theories have started pouring in

Remember Biden was near Trump during the debate?

Trump supporters when they hear COVID-19 is not a hoax

Perfect karma in a tweet

The irony keeps coming up

Told you this will become political in some way

Dr Fauci had to be dragged into this mess

Well well well

Someone had predicted this move by Trump last month


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