Telkom Kenya’s Home Data Plans Just Got Better


The data bundle space has always been competitive. In the same spirit, the unsaid secret has always been this way: Safaricom has robust connections in most parts of the country, but you have to pay for that (meaning higher package prices); Telkom Kenya has the best mobile data deals around, but its reception is limited to key urban centers; and Airtel Kenya – well, end of story.

Banter aside, Telkom Kenya has revamped it offerings, mainly for heavy users who simply want, you know, more. The improvements target customers who use daily, monthly and unlimited home plans.

And they are quite appealing.

Check them out:

Offer Name Validity (Days)KSHResources
Daily 5 GB 12505 GB
Monthly 10 GB30100012 GB
Monthly 30 GB30200030 GB
Monthly 50 GB30300050 GB
Unlimited - Daily 13.3 GB FUP304000Unlimited
Unlimited Plus - Daily 16.6 GB FUP305500Unlimited
90 Day 100GB906000100 GB

Statement from Telkom

The Fair Usage Policy (FUP) that guides on speed limits applied to unlimited bundles has been reviewed to ensure connection speeds at peak times are not slowed down (throttled) when users are uploading and downloading large files. These revised FUP speed limits will in effect improve the overall data experience for those that subscribe to the unlimited bundles. 

Telkom Kenya

These bundle revisions were informed by customer feedback on the need to provide them with bundle options that will support their evolving consumption habits.

Telkom’s Director, Marketing, Mr. Eric ACHOLA

Now more than ever, telcos need to play their part in keeping their customers connected. The revision of our data limits and the FUP for both our daily and Unlimited plans means our customers will be getting more value from us.

Adds Telkom’s Director, Marketing, Mr. Eric ACHOLA.

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  1. Airtel still has the best offers 3GB + FREE WhatsApp 300 30 days
    5GB + FREE WhatsApp 500 30 days
    12GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 15GB 1000 30 days
    20GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 15GB 1500 30 days
    30GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 15GB 2000 30 days
    50GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 15GB 3000 30 days

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