5 Reasons to Choose Web4Africa for VPS Hosting in Kenya

vps hosting

A VPS allows you to run an operating system remotely without having to worry about security. It offers reliability and is much more secure than a shared web hosting plan. Most businesses use VPS to host apps online or to resell web hosting. A virtual private server is basically a mini-server within a server isolated from the rest of the server. It allows you to host multiple isolated applications within one big server. So, if you are looking for reliable VPS Hosting in Kenya for your business, then Web4Africa is an excellent option. In this article, I have mentioned a few reasons that will convince you to hire Web4Africa for VPS hosting. Let’s take a look:

Increased Performance

Going for Web4Africa’s VPS hosting ensures that you do not have to share a server with dozens of other users. You will be getting a server that is completely independent of other users, which means you wouldn’t have to worry about other users burdening the server. This will ensure that your visitors can roam around on your site without crashing it. Also, with Web4Africa, you get nodes that are built from the combination of SATA3, SSDs, and RAID10 drives for maximum performance. The system runs quite smoothly, and you can forget about glitches or any other sorts of delays.

Improved Security

In this modern digital world, data is extremely important. If you experience a server breach and someone gets hold of your data, they can harm you in many ways. They can use crucial information against you or can sell it to other people. They can also get your and your team’s personal information, which can also prove quite dangerous. That is why it is important for every business to go with a hosting service that is providing excellent security. If you decide to go with Web4Africa, then you wouldn’t have to worry much about security. These VPS are completely secure, and they promise protection from all sorts of cyberattacks. With them, you would never have to stress about security issues.

Better Control

Another benefit of choosing Web4Africa VPS hosting is that it gives you better control over your server and provides you root access. You don’t necessarily have to rely on the software that is given by the shared hosting service. Webhosting servers do not support third-party software, and if you are looking to run it on something that is more compatible with your business, then it can get a bit complicated and will raise security issues. But with a virtual private server, you wouldn’t have to worry about any of it. You will be free to implement any changes to the software without compromising the security. That way, you will never feel like your server is out of your control.

Easy Scalability

If you are going for Web4Africa’s virtual private server, then you will never have to worry about scalability. If you are running a small business and would like to expand functions in the future, you can do that easily without worrying about switching servers. As mentioned before, VPS are servers within the server, and that makes it easier for you to expand your network without interfering with functionality.


Another great reason to choose Web4Africa’s virtual private servers is that it is quite cheap. If you are looking for a VPS for your business, you can start from as little as KSh 1500 per month. Web4Africa’s VPS services come in three categories, i.e., basic, managed, and advanced. All these packages have different rates and features, and you can go for the one that best suits your business needs.