All the Technological Innovations to Keep an Eye Out for in 2021


Technology continues to amaze us by transforming the things we do and the way we do them. It is nearly impossible to imagine living in a world without technology since we have lived all our lives with various devices and facilities, all made possible by different technologies. The speed at which innovations happen is, to say the least, astounding. The number of things that get released and become part of our lives each year is innumerable.

A few decades ago, scientists and researchers were creating prototypes of Artificial Intelligence that could carry out basic tasks. But today, AIs have become an inevitable part of various industries. While the things we love and use, such as smartphones, get frequent updates, multiple things that we never imagined we would need are being introduced into the market every day.

2020 gave an enormous push to the technology industry to increase the speed of developments and the number of things being developed. It is only natural to expect amazing new things to come out in the year 2021. Let us check out a few of those.

AIs in every sector

Artificial Intelligence continues to prove how valuable it can be to the human world. By collecting and analyzing massive amounts of data that would be unthinkable for mere humans, AIs provide invaluable insights regarding a number of fields.

Especially in the medical sector, by examining and organizing patient charts and data, AIs can discern harmful patterns and trends. They can also devise solutions to prevent the repeat of such a catastrophe. Since citizens around the world have been shifting most of their activities and work online, AIs can be employed to understand human behaviour better. This will enormously help businesses to make their functions more efficient and to increase their customer base.

AIs will be used in all online entertainment platforms, including casinos like to understand player behaviour and spot initial signs of addiction and other serious issues.

Use of Drones and Robots

A few countries have already started delivery services carried out by robots to minimize human interaction during the pandemic. Many things need to be fine-tuned in this area, but it could become a huge success if done efficiently. Drones can also be used to deliver medicines to those in need quickly.

Besides delivery, drones are already being used to analyze harmful human tendencies in public spaces. AI-equipped drones can be used to reduce crowds and maintain health protocols by identifying areas that need regulations.

Public transport is no longer a completely safe option for travelers, and therefore the number of passengers varies heavily. To minimize wasting resources and to optimize road traffic, automated public transport vehicles will be introduced. They will not require drivers, and will also not suffer from human errors that could cause massive accidents.

5G services

While being confined indoors during the pandemic, people shifted nearly their whole lives online, for work, entertainment, social interactions, etc. Multiple devices owned by each individual need constant and uninterrupted connectivity. Internet service providers saw a massive demand for faster and larger volumes of internet. Enormous amounts of content are being uploaded and downloaded by the second. Even teachers today upload their lectures on the internet where numerous students download them.

While 5G was introduced in South Korea in 2019, it is expected to cover most of the world in the next few years. With incredible internet speeds and connectivity everywhere, traditional wired internet services will slowly become obsolete.

Meat that was grown in a lab

The number of people who have been converting to veganism is growing each year. Most people make the change when they come to learn of the harsh and painful living conditions of animals before they are slaughtered for food. Animal husbandry contributing a huge chunk towards pollution also adds to the motivation.

Many innovative companies have tried to come up with plant-based meat alternatives. They are slices or chunks that resemble meat in taste and texture but are made from plant proteins. These do not always turn out to be a success and is often only a weak imitation of the animal product. Companies like Beyond Meat with their Beyond Burger patties have managed to attract several customers and gain popularity.

A company called Memphis Meats has been making attempts to get rid of the horrific aspect of consuming meat, that of killing the animals. The scientists culture animal cells in a lab and provide nutrients to grow them into large, edible sizes of meat. The current major drawback is that it requires lots of resources, and therefore the end product is extremely expensive. In the coming years, we can hope for the process to become simpler and the rates to go down.

In Conclusion

2021 will bring us all-round increased efficiency in more areas. There will be a higher use of Artificial Intelligence and robotic technologies. As internet speeds will soar to incredible heights, we can also hope for more ethical and environment-friendly meat options.