Huduma Cards Are Finally, Probably Coming in 2021

huduma namba simcards

At the moment, the majority of Kenyans know what Huduma Namba is.

As we said previously, the Kenya government dedicated a significant portion of its time in 2019 and 2020 to rally for unique identifier, and cited that it would help institutions deliver services to citizens in a streamlined manner.

All that was covered in our short but extensive coverage of the stories, which you can summarily read here.

The state had also announced that it would issues Huduma Cards in December 2020.

Well, as anyone would have guessed, the December deadline was not met.

There are many things that the Huduma Namba should do, but none has emerged as particularly unique because let’s face it, the entire space is subject to a series of controversies that are yet to be addressed. Partly because the card is asking for information that exists on other platforms, such as the normal ID cards, driving licenses, and passports.

Not to feel bad about its inadequacies, the Interior Ministry has announced that the cards are actually coming. In fact, they will be dispatched as soon as possible.

‘UPDATE: Mass printing of Huduma Namba cards is underway. If you registered, you will soon receive an SMS notification prompting you when and where to collect yours.’

The announcement means that if you had registered for the document, you will be apprised of the pick-up time as soon as it is available.