Getting A New Laptop For Gaming? Here’s What You Need To Look For


As gamers, you want everything when it comes to your gaming hardware. However, not everyone can afford to get the latest tech and the newest gear. Also, depending on what you hold important when it comes to gaming, whether that is sharp graphics, or smooth frame rates when it comes to gaming, you might not even need all the features or components to run the games you want to play. Here are some features to look out for when choosing your next gaming laptop.


As new games release, the first thing people will always notice is how they look. How your game looks will play a huge part in your experience. Of course, not all games are dependent on visuals, but you cannot remove this aspect for the majority of games, as it is a key component to the gaming experience, especially with huge AAA games made from big budgets, and released by established publishers. Some of the components you want to look for when considering the display on your laptop is a refresh rate, screen size, a sharp and bright display. Having a fast and responsive display is not only important for maximizing your experience with visual beauty but in some fast-paced games is critical. The smooth experience of your monitor can be important for shooters, action, and racing games alike.


A processor is probably one of the most important things when looking for a new laptop to consider is the processor. These are critical for running demanding games in addition to other programs you might want to use your laptop for. Your CPU or processor needs will differ depending on the game you are playing. Some programs and games will be more reliant on your processing power and the processing cores you have and will run less efficiently and struggle with less processing power and fewer cores. Games that demand higher processing would be shooters as well as massive online games. It is important that you know what games you would like to play, understand their system requirements, and build or purchase a laptop that is suitable for those needs.

Dedicate GPU

Your GPU is crucial to pairing with your processors and CPU, working together to keep your computer running demanding games and programs, mostly from a visual standpoint. The GPU impacts the graphical needs and requirements of your laptop and the games you want to play, loading in different textures and creating a smooth visual experience. GPU and graphics gear is more important for games that demand a lot in terms of the backgrounds and environments. These would be open-world type games.


RAM or random access memory is important for storing and allowing you to quickly access data and information on your computer. As technology has progressed, all computers and laptops have seen an increase in the base RAM that is required for not only gaming but other computer needs as well. In the gaming experience, RAM allows you to run different software. The tech experts behind GetSuperBook analyze and identify the demands different programs have and the RAM requirements your laptop should meet. If you are only running games with nothing else in the background, you still require a decent amount of RAM depending on the game requirements. However, if you plan on running other programs like streaming or playing music, you should invest in gear that will allow you to multitask and provide more accessible memory usage.


Games are massive these days, and as a gamer, you aren’t playing just one game at a time. Many gamers will have a giant backlog of games in their library and often will play several at a time to suit their cravings for gaming sessions. These can range from multiplayer games with friends, to single-player experiences. Your games will take up a significant amount of space, as well as their corresponding save files, or any added content like expansions or updates. You will want to either look for a laptop that can provide you enough memory built into it internally, or consider buying an external drive or other memory devices to fit all your games.

Your gaming experience will vary depending on different factors regarding the games you prefer and what you look for in gaming. This will determine what factors you consider important and prioritize in your computer or laptop. These will also be impacted by your budget and how much you are capable of spending on a laptop, but it doesn’t have to be expensive to get you the capacity you need.