Safety Tips To Protect Your Home From Unhealthy Air


Air is as essential as water for human survival. However, compared to water, air cannot be seen. You can’t easily tell if the air you are breathing is healthy or safe. This can be troubling as it can affect your health. The pollution outside your home is hard to contain, but you can surely do better in ensuring good air quality within your home. Follow these tips in protecting your home from unhealthy air.

No Smoking Inside Your Home

Smoking itself is terrible for your health. Aside from this, it also pollutes the air. Smoke from a cigarette contains thousands of harmful chemicals. Smoking cigarettes is not only harmful to the smoker but also to the people living with them.

Secondhand smoke is said to be much more dangerous. It can cause lung diseases like asthma, pneumonia, and even cancer. So making your home a smoke-free zone will help in cleaning the air you breathe at home.

Do Not Burn Things

As much as possible, avoid burning wood, dry leaves, or trash at home; this will produce so many gases that will pollute the air. In case you frequently cook, adding a smoke sensor to your home will help you become aware of any smoke lingering in the air. The sensor will also alert you in case there is a fire in your home.

Do Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your home will also improve the quality of air. Having a dusty home can garner chemicals and allergens that mix with the air you breathe in. Vacuum and mop your floors regularly and wipe down your things. Putting a doormat will also prevent any dirt from coming inside the house.

Be Careful With Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning the house is a safety tip in keeping your home’s air fresh but be careful with the cleaning agents you use when doing so. These cleaning supplies contain chemicals that can be harmful to you. Some household cleaners have harsh chemicals that will release toxic fumes that will damage your lungs when inhaled. 

Use Air Filters

Air is invisible. You can’t be sure if it is clean or not. That is why it is vital to have adequate ventilation in your home and use proper air filters. Your air conditioning unit has air filters that can help maintain clean air. Just make sure to clean it regularly and that you are using HEPA filters. Avoid using air purifiers because they can make the air quality worse than make it better.

Lessen Energy Use 

Some of the by-products of using energy can pollute the air. By lessening your energy usage, you also reduce pollution. You can lower your energy use by opting to use a manual lawn mower than the gasoline-powered one.

One way to keep your home safe is by ensuring that the air you breathe is healthy. The quality of air outside is affected by so many factors that you do not have control over. This does not mean you can’t take steps to make the air inside your home clean. These steps will dramatically improve and protect your home, keeping you and your family safe.