How to Budget a Mobile App Development Project


Having a mobile device application is very important for any business today. As more and more people use their phones and other mobile devices to get information and shop, being able to connect with these people through an application is important. While having a mobile application for your business can be beneficial, the costs of developing the application can also be expensive. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can create a realistic budget for your application

Know What You Want Out of App

One of the most important parts of building a mobile application is to know what you want the app to be able to do. Mobile applications can be used for a variety of purposes including providing information, complete electronic sales and be a means of communication. Every function that you add to your application will eventually increase the total project cost. Due to this, you need to spend time outlining what you want your app to be able to do as it will give a realistic starting point for budgeting.

Start with Basic Model

While it is important that you eventually get all that you want out of your application, it never hurts to offer a first iteration that offers only the basic necessities. A lot of companies will end up spending too much money because they send out an application that has all of the bells and whistles from the beginning. While this could seem impressive, it can also be overwhelming to customers and include a lot of features that they really don’t need.

A better option for the first generation of the application would be to include only the basics that you need to serve your client base. Once this application has reached a certain level of customers, you will keep getting feedback and information about it. This can then give you an idea as to what customer like, what could be improved and what other features should be incorporated.

Work with a Developer

Once you have determined what you want your application to do, you should work with an app development company to get a formalized budget. An application developer should be experienced in creating mobile applications that are similar to what you are looking for. They should then be able to provide you with a budget for what the entire project will cost. They could then help you find ways that you can cut back if the cost of the budget is too significant.

Have a Contingency

Similar to when you are making any other improvement to your business, there are bound to be costs that you did not expect. The last thing that you will want to have happen is to not be able to complete the application due to funds running out. When you have a budget for the project, it would be wise to add another ten percent to the cost as a contingency. This way, you will be ready and prepared if the total costs do end up exceeding what you were expecting.

Ongoing Costs

While it is important to budget for the initial production of your application, you also need to think about the ongoing costs that will go along with it. A mobile application will need to be redeveloped, improved and fixed from time to time. Due to this, you should be prepared to incur additional costs associated with keeping it up and running. You can also consider ways to monetize the application, which could help to offset the future application management expenses.

The incorporation of a mobile app for your business could be very helpful and increase revenue as you are able to connect with customers in a more efficient manner. However, there are a lot of costs that go into developing and maintaining these applications. By following these tips, you will be able to better budget for this project, which can help you avoid any financial surprises during it.