Kenya’s Health Ministry Develops COVID-19 Digital Immunization Records System


The Ministry of Health is reported to be set to unveil a new digital immunization records platform for COVID-19 vaccination.

According to the Daily Nation, the COVID-19 vaccine advisory taskforce chair, Dr Willis Akhwale, the platform has been designed by the ICT ministry.

It will have the capability to do pre-registration where people will be registered to it after which it sends the user details and sets a reminder as to when one should go get a COVID-19 vaccine dose. “After the first dose, the system will schedule you for your next dose and facility where you are supposed to go then again set a reminder,” he explained. 

The system can also capture data both offline and online and supports deployment of the vaccine throughout the country.

The system will use official identifiable numbers like the one from your ID or passport. Mr. Akwhale also said that they will consider Huduma Namba when it comes.

This will become important before we get the COVID-19 vaccine for distribution and inoculation. According to the same publication, Kenya was projected to receive 4,176,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The Ministry has been working hard in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic and have used tech extensively within that time. We will now have digital verification of COVID-19 certificates at border points. They also partnered with the UNDP where they were given robots to aid in the fight against the disease. Kenyatta Hospital also announced that they will be using big data and AI in COVID-19 detection thanks to new equipment and a new reporting center.