Oraimo FreePods 2 TWS EarBuds Review: Affordable and Decent


Oraimo recently came out with their new true wireless earbuds – the FreePods 2. I have been using them for a couple of days now and here’s our review.

The FreePods 2 come packaged in a nice box.

You have to open from the side. Inside the box is the freepods case and then there’s another smaller box that contains a welcome guide and a microUSB cable.

The freepods are enclosed in an airpods-looking like case that also charges them when they’re run low on battery.

The freepods 2 are your typical stem-style earbuds.

They’re held in place in the grooves with magnets. The freepods themselves are half-in-ear earbuds so people who prefer this design rather than the ones that come with rubber tips.

The freepods fit very well in the ear and are snug and light enough to use for workouts[they’re sweatproof] or if you’re wearing them for long periods of time.

The mics that work for calls are positioned at the bottom of the stems for optimal voice pickup

We got the ones in white although you can get the ones with the black and gold finish. The latter even have Nigerian musician 2baba’s[formerly known as 2face Idibia] signature and a “one love” tagline under it.

I prefer the white ones in this case as they’re more conspsicous.

The case is also light for you to carry especially if you’re out and about and need to quickly top up your earbuds.

So in terms of design and build, the oraimo freepods 2 hit the nail on the head.

Oraimo freepods 2 connect quickly with devices.

When setting up, you have to tap and hold the earbuds for a few seconds to turn them on the first time. This sets them up on a pairing mode.

Once they’re connected to your devices, that’s the end. One issue though is that the earbuds will still be connected even you put them in the case, so you have to manually disconnect for the device it was earlier on connected to.

Oraimo need to fix this.

Otherwise, when you later remove them from the case, they’ll instantly connect to your phone or laptop.

Oraimo freepods 2 come with touch controls on both earbuds with multiple functions such as tapping twiceon either to play or pause. Tapping once or twice to answer or end a call. To increase the volume, you tap thrice and to skip to the next track, you tap and hold for a second.

In terms of sound quality, they’re pretty decent and above average. There’s a 13mm dynamic driver that powers the earbuds.

They can get loud with a little bass for you to enjoy if that’s your preference. You’ll love listening to music, podcasts, videos, gaming or online meetings.

However, the freepods 2  don’t have the widest soundstage or the clearest frequency separation I’ve heard for listening to music.

You can wear them around the house as they have good connectivity. I was moving around a lot and they never disconnected.

One feature they’re missing is ANC. They use passive noise from whatever is playing to cancel outside noise.

I was getting over 3 hours of listening time which is enough to focus and get work done. You can pop them in the charging case to get more battery life.

Battery levels will be indicated on the earbuds Bluetooth setting on the device you’re listening from.

The case provides up to 6 full charges before it runs out too so you’ll also need to charge the case. There are three LED indicators to let you know how far they’ve charged up.

If you’re just trying out wireless earbuds without the need to leave your pocket high and dry, then you can consider the Oraimo Freepods 2 – they will likely suit you.

They’re light, nicely designed and ergonomic with decent sound across all sorts of music and can used for various activities for a long time.

If you’re an audiophile, then you’ll have to skip these especially if you listen to hi-res audio.

Pricing and Availability

Oraimo FreePods 2 True Wireless EarBuds are available on Oraimo’s site for Ksh 3300.

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