Rafiki By Securex Is A Home Security System You Can Actually Afford

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How much are you willing to part with for a home security system?

Did you know that the product, which includes cameras, motion sensors and an app that you can use to link up the devices on a single platform is not that pricey?

Well, this is what Securex, a Kenyan security firm that has been in the busines for decades is trying to tell you.

Named Securex Agencies, the company has since launched a smart home security kit.

The kit is in the house, and we will be giving it a spin in terms on ease of installation, functionality and general ease of use (convenience).

The kit’s official name is Rafiki by Securex, and is designed in a manner that allows customers to install it by themselves without the help of a Securex field team.

A home security kit, as we have always known, is made to give customers some peace of mind. It is even more useful in situations when domestic homes experience burglaries.

Besides the ordinary surveillance, deterrence and self-monitoring, Securex has a subscription plan for emergence response in case a customer requires action from the Securex security team.

Since it is a smart product, it can be managed via a smartphone app. Also, the system needs access to Wi-Fi.

Securex has also launched an ecommerce site name Securex Soko (securexafrica.com) where customers can buy the product without going through a third-party retailer.

Deliveries within Nairobi are free.

The basic kit goes for KES 6500. It includes a router and intrusion detection capabilities.

Customers have the ability to add more devices to the kit at an extra cost, including smart lighting and cameras.

As said, we have the basic kit in the house. We will install it (and report), and use it for a couple of days before giving you our thoughts.

Is this something you have been looking for?

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  1. In apartments, you need to install at least one detector, and in private homes — at least one on each floor of the house. Residents of private homes should also have a fire extinguisher at home to extinguish a small fire. But you can only extinguish a starting fire yourself if it does not threaten your health or life.

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