Reels Remix, Instagram’s version of TikTok Duets Officially Launched

Instagram Reels Remix

Instagram doesn’t shy away from copying TikTok features. The latest one is Reels Remix which is a cloned version of TikTok Duet feature.

Reels itself was Instagram trying to have its own version of TikTok inside the main app that launched in August last year. Reels still has along way to go and if you go through your Reels tab on the app, you’ll find that most videos in there are from TikTok.

One way of ensuring creators make exclusive videos for Reels is literally bring TikTok features to be native on Instagram. This is why Instagram has launched Reels Remix that was being tested with a few users.

Reels Remix is basically a cloned version of TikTok duets feature that will let you make your own Reel right next to somebody else’s Reel.

How To Make Your Reels Remix

Head to an existing Reel video and tap on the three dot menu and click on the option labeled “Remix this Reel” and then begin recording your own Reels.

You can edit your Remix by changing things like the volume of the original Reel or your audio and add a voicover before publishing.

The Reels Tab will feature these Remixed Reels.

It’s also worth noting that Reels Remix is available for newly uploaded Reels only.

You can also enable the Remix on old Reels by clicking on the three-dot menu on your Reel and select “Enable Remixing.”

Reels Remix is enabled by default for new Reels and if you don’t want it on your Reels, you can turn it off by going to your broader profile settings.

On your activity tab, you’ll see who has used your Reel for a remix.

This is a new feature that will have Instagram users find creative ways to make content or collaborate with others.

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