The Explosive Growth of Dating Services Amid Covid-19 Pandemic


The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the growth of dating applications as users look for ways to connect.  The cessation of movement, closure of recreational and entertainment facilities, forced isolation and curfews worldwide have affected people’s daily lives. Meeting new people has become more impossible until the world retains normalcy.

There has however been a spike in dating websites globally and with the pandemic, there has been a massive use of dating sites.

For instance, the Bumble dating app topped Wall Street’s projections for both fourth-quarter revenue and earnings per share after releasing its first earnings report on February 16 with a $2.5 billion Initial Public Offering (IPO).

According to Bumble, its shares soar more than 80 percent on the first day making it the biggest IPO in the Austin-based dating company.

In a statement, Bumble Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Whitney Wolfe Herd stated that their significant increase in revenue and paying users is a direct result of the company’s team dedication and remarkable agility during a challenging pandemic.

“We are committed to our mission, our customers, and to advancing the business, which we fueled our strong fourth quarter and full-year results,” Wolfe said.

According to Bumble, its revenue grew 31% to $165.6 million in the fourth quarter. Analysts had projected $163.3 million. The company reported a net loss of 26.1 million, or 1 cent per share, for the quarter. Analysts had projected a loss of 9 to 14 cents per share.

For the full year, Bumble reported revenue of $582.2 million, a 19% increase from $488.9 million in 2019, and a net loss in profit of $142.8 million. 

Further, Match Group America that owns Tinder, OkCupid, and Hinge dating applications reported an 11 percent increase in average subscribers in a year. Similarly, chat platforms such as Omegle and Chatib have seen a huge spike in it’s usage.

Those who used dating websites before continue to use them while those who ignored them are now considering it amid the pandemic. Leading to the surge of users on dating sites.

Here are some case scenarios attributing to the massive use of these sites;

Some people had no free time before and quarantine and forced isolation gave them time. They do not spend time getting to work and often perform work faster. They now have an opportunity to put their personal lives in order and dating sites are their deliverer.

Next is a group of people who forget their personal lives due to having much work to do and careers to build. The reduction of their daily workload and the retrenchment of some showed them that life does not only revolve around work. They, therefore, opt to find a soulmate online because they began having thoughts of family and living for themselves due to loneliness.

There are also those kinds of people that register on dating websites when they are not committed out of curiosity.

Lastly is extroverted people who were forced to stay indoors. These people love communicating and seeing their friends more often to have fun and have meaningful conversations. It is not surprising that these people visit dating websites and social networks to compensate for lack of communication because the pandemic took their lively lives away.

With these, the number of people who will find their soulmates online will increase and their testimonies will lead to more people signing up on the sites.

Statistics of other services increased due to the popularity of dating websites and dating applications because many soul searchers take their after communication into a video call, Zoom sessions, Facetime, and Skype among other services.

The company operates two applications, Bumble and Badoo, and operates like Tinder where users swipe left or right on preferences except that the app only lets women initiate a conversation or contact. Badoo is a dating-focused network primarily used in Europe and Latin America.

Tinder leads as an online dating application with resource reports about the positive dynamics of user activity during self-isolation. According to Tinder, the number of messages in the United States of America increased by 10 to 15 percent and 25 percent in Italy and Spain.

In conclusion, you should try finding love on these websites if you haven’t yet. You might be lucky as we await the opening of cities.