What Video Games are Kenyans Playing in 2021?


Video games refer to any games played on an electronic gaming device, computer, mobile device, and other display screens with a means to control graphic images.

The video games market in Kenya is growing despite her being relatively a new industry in the Country. According to a report by Statistica,  the gaming market in Kenya was valued at $ 83 million in 2018. With s $ 153 Million rises expected by 2023.

According to Digital Report 2020, Kenya is leading other countries in mobile internet usage and internet penetration in the Continent. The number of internet users rose by KSH 22.86 million, while the number of social media users increased by KSH 8.8 million,  representing an increase of about16 percent and 13 percent in 2020 consecutively.

This article will help you know some of the video games being played in Kenya  as discussed below:

Candy Crush Saga

It is the most popular game played in Kenya on a mobile device. Google Play Store statistics show that the game has had 500 million downloads and more than 26 million reviews. It is played by switching and matching candles in a tasty puzzle adventure to progress to the next level for sweet winning. 

The game adds sweetness to solving puzzles since it is,  based on our natural desire for sugary games. You are rewarded with delicious rainbow-colored cascades and tasty candy combos when you solve the puzzles with quick thinking and smart moves.

You have to plan your moves by matching three or more candies in a row using boosters wisely to overcome those extra sticky puzzles. The game allows players to compete alongside their Facebook friends and is highly addictive. Candy Crush Saga is available on all platforms, web, mobile, and Personal computers.


Solitaire is a card game you can play by yourself on Microsoft Windows. It involves many tableau stacks that you build on in different ways, like clearing cascades while using the main deck or start with an ace and place other cards on top of it in ascending to descending order. Some solitaire games include FreeCell, Accordion, Aces up, Alternation, Bristol, Carpet, Deuces, Four Seasons, and Colorado.

PUBG Mobile

Multiplayer games like PUBG have recently become popular in Kenya and are the most loved in this category.  PUBG stands for Player’s Unknown Battleground, where a player has to team up with other players. They have to arrive at an island using parachutes and battle against their opponents.

PUBG is free on mobile and is powered by Unreal Engine 4 with quality play console gaming. It features customizable mobile controls, training modes, and voice chats. A player may also select items like items before the game starts or pick them up from fallen opponents during the game. The game has an online community where players can interact on social media platforms.

Mobile Casino Games

Casinos were licensed by the Kenyan Government many years ago. A majority of players in the industry have since turned mobile casinos into gambling with the increasing popularity of mobile devices and internet connectivity in the Country.

Many land-based and online casinos are registered to provide mobile games to play for real money.  Both iOS and Android devices are compatible with each of these mobile casinos. The Casinos have their applications like Betway, Ruby Fortune, Jackpot City, Casino Cruise, and Spin Palace. The applications offer games like Online and Liver Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Online, and others.

Dream League Soccer 2020

Players select their dream team from players available in the system in Dream League Soccer 2020. 

Teams from the German Bundesliga are conspicuously absent in the system. It is possible to find the popular teams from the Elite leagues in England, Spain, France, Portugal, and Italy. Dream League Live puts your club against the very best in the world. You have to work your way through the ranks to prove your team is the greatest and compete in Global Leaderboards and events for exclusive prices.

The game has features that allow you to build your soccer empire from your Stadium to Medical, Commercial, and Training facilities. It also has an exclusive soundtrack featuring Retro Video Club, Only The Poets, Halo, Sol, and more.