How VR Tech is Impacting the Online Casino Industry


Technology has always played an important role in keeping things up to date in the online gambling business. Online casinos have definitely changed a lot since the 90s when the first gambling website went live. Back then, people could only access casino sites with a computer but things are completely different today thanks to mobile technology.

Today, there are a lot of trends on the rise in the online gambling sector, and one that’s hard to miss is the use of Virtual Reality. VR isn’t new anymore. It’s a technology that has been around since 1957. It was just not as advanced as how we know what VR is nowadays but the idea of this technology has been around for decades.

VR tech has always been associated with gaming and of course, the gambling scene wouldn’t want to get left behind. Virtual reality online casinos are already out there. While there are still only a few of them, it’s likely that they will dominate the gambling market in the future.

How Virtual Reality Casinos Work

Virtual reality is a simulation of a real-life environment that players can interact with. It’s as if they are in an actual certain environment, but not really since what they see and interact with are simulated. This is what a virtual casino is like. It will look like an actual casino but everything’s virtual and you can only move around and interact with objects by using a VR device or equipment.

A VR equipment setup used for gaming would usually consist of a headset, headphones, controllers, and sensors. An example of a popularly used VR device in gaming is Oculus Rift. The Oculus Rift can be expensive to some people and luckily, there are already cheaper alternatives out there.

There are now mobile devices that are capable of supporting VR headsets too. Mobile brands like HTC, Lenovo, and Samsung already have gears that can be used for VR settings. Overall, what’s important for you to know is that to be able to access VR casinos, you will need to spend money on a VR setup or equipment.

Why People Are Showing Interest in VR Casinos

The answer to this simple, really. People are showing interest because it is a different experience that could be fun. Right now, it’s also a safe way for people to play casino games without leaving their homes. After all, we’re still dealing with a pandemic and it just doesn’t seem to be a wise idea to go to public places like casinos.

For people who are missing the casino establishment scene, it’s a great alternative to visit virtual casinos instead. VR casinos offer realistic slot machines. There are also live casinos that allow the use of VR, which could make the VR gambling experience a lot realistic.

Many VR casino goers also really enjoy looking around. The 3D game rooms are usually finely detailed and even if you don’t play anything, just going around is already quite an experience. This will surely make you appreciate how far technology has come.

Going to a VR casino is also a social experience. As you go around and sit on 3D game tables, you can also interact with others who are there. You can meet other players from all over the world. It just shows how VR gaming isn’t an isolating activity.

Some of the popular VR casinos out there are SlotsMillion, Poker VR, Bolt Casino, and Mr Green. Some of the game titles that you can play with a VR device are Jack and the Beanstalk, Starbust, Miss Midas, and Dracula.

The Future

If you Google VR casinos that you can check out, you may find that there is a scarcity at the moment. While VR is already a popular way to play games nowadays, the technology still has a lot to improve. VR casino gaming is still in its infancy and it may take a few years more before it becomes part of mainstream online gambling.

Today, a great VR setup would still cost a lot and many just don’t have the access to it yet. However, as years go by, it’s likely that VR will be too common that it wouldn’t have to be expensive anymore. Think of how smartphones were when the first iPhone was released. Back then, it was a luxury to own a smartphone, but today, powerful smartphones don’t even have to cost a lot.

The more people will have access to VR devices, the more demands there will be for VR casino gaming. When that happens, it’s when the online gambling sector will be dominated by VR casinos. That’s definitely something to look forward to.