Checklist: How To Create The Best FinTech App


Fintech includes a huge number of areas – payment services, investments, insurance, various types of loans, neobanks. Nevertheless, companies that work in several directions at once and help clients complete financial tasks to the maximum with a user-friendly interface break into leaders.

The fintech application market is growing. Businesses are implementing the most advanced modifications: artificial intelligence, ecosystems, online services with e-docs. All these modern features make life more manageable. Read below how to make a technologically advanced and easy-to-use mobile application for a fintech company.

#1 Hyper-personalization. Analyzing the personal data of customers is not enough. You need to know the behavior and unique needs of each user.

It relies on analyzed data about users’ habits and their basic characteristics. The more data you obtain about the clients’ actions, the more specific the offers will be for them. When the necessary options are at your fingertips and readily available, then it is more probably the client will use your service again.

#2 For the most convenient use of the application, it is worthwhile to implement the card binding function and consider the need to connect the Faster Payments Service (FPS).

The one-click card binding function is an indispensable feature for all fintech apps that work with financial transactions, sell products, or provide services. People rather buy when it is no need to seek their card details or use one more specialized app.

#3 Give up the idea of the development of one complex (super) app if you are limited on your budget. Test hypotheses and develop multiple applications with simple functionality to highlight your users’ critical characteristics and needs.

The so-called super app is an app with its own internal (eco) system, including various possibilities – from financial to lifestyle. For instance, users can check their current account statuses or purchase a movie ticket. However, if you are not a multimillion-dollar business owner, then it is better to develop a few simple applications. Otherwise, your expenses will not be justified.

#4 Entertain users with original options that increase comfort and delight them with a pleasant-looking design. So that they want to return to the service and use it more often and longer.

A good fintech app is not just about development and design. Due to the high competition in the market, all companies go out of their way to make it clear to customers that they are special. Loyalty programs are being developed, personal managers who are in touch 24/7 are offered, increased bonuses and cashback are provided.#5 Listen to your team, understand its members’ strengths and weaknesses, be aware of what tasks they can perform.

Developers, product specialists, designers, and everyone involved in app development are the kindest, most responsible, and motivated people on whom the success of the entire digital side of the business depends. Speaking about developers, it is worth noting that one of the world trends is attracting specialists from different countries and outsourcing. Experienced professionals are the backbone of a successful application. Turning to professionals, you insure against endless corrections. Therefore, if you are going to create a new fintech application, then check, for instance, how to outsource to India. Perhaps this type of cooperation will interest you.It is essential to combine trend options and a user-friendly interface for any fintech application. The frequency of this very service use depends on it. We wish you the best of luck building your fintech application!