The Increase in on-the-go Gaming


Finding the perfect balance between work and play has never been easier since mobile gaming started to make a name for itself in recent years. 

Many people have struggled to maintain their social lives and keep in touch with others, although this was an issue even before the events of the last year. Socialising with others has become much easier now that mobile phones have enabled online luxuries, such as community-themed games as well as online casino games.

More prominent companies such as Sony and Microsoft would like you to believe that the future of the gaming world is console-based. Still, statistics have shown that mobile gaming is set to overtake the Xbox and PlayStation as the most popular form of gaming.

Whether you’re looking to de-stress after a long day of work, use up some of the time on your journey home or socialise with some of your friends, mobile gaming makes on-the-go gaming more convenient and more enjoyable. Here’s a more in-depth look into the world of on-the-go mobile gaming.

Why Choose Mobile Gaming? The app store recently released some statistics regarding recorded downloads made in 2020. Mobile gaming downloads were recorded at around 1 billion downloads. Google Play has grown by at least 20% in the last year as mobile gaming seems to be the latest trend.

Why is it so Popular?

5G is slowly rising worldwide and will provide many with a speedier connection and vastly improved gameplay. Improved speed means that you will be able to enjoy all your favourite games from wherever you are, making on-the-go gaming that much easier.

Mobile gaming isn’t only extremely easy to access; it is also very convenient to take part in compared to other gaming forms. There’s no need for fancy attachments and consoles, all you need is a mobile phone and a good connection, which most people will have, meaning it’s very accessible.

When looking for ways to wind down after a stressful day, you won’t have to spend hours staring at the TV or PC screen. You’ll be able to access all the entertainment you need right on your smartphone. The apps we’re starting to see on the market are more innovative and far easier to access.

When taking part at online casinos, the mobile version skips the whole set up an in-person game would require and can be accessed any time of day. They also make payments and are manageable and more secure, not forgetting they are fully accessible 24/7.

The Improved Technology

Gone are the days where your floors and walls had cables running all over them. Portable tablets and mobile phones make finding entertainment that much more enjoyable and enables you to move all around the house while watching or taking part in your favourite forms of entertainment.

Platforms such as Google Stadia and Origin make it easy to access games while on the go by enabling users to play games without having to install or download anything. Casino sites have now started to move over to desktop platforms and mobile apps, making virtual gambling far more enjoyable and easier to access.

The line between the physical and virtual world is slowly blurring as the graphics we see on our devices increasingly replicate the real world better each year. With the rise of VR and AR, we’ll soon experience fully immersive experiences with just a headset and smartphone.

What Games are Trending?

Trends and popular games in the world of mobile gaming seem to go in cycles every couple of years. Trends tend to switch between puzzles, sci-fi themed games and logic games, to action-packed games such as COD (Call Of Duty) and FIFA.

This year, the puzzle game trend has returned, with strategy-rich games such as poker and blackjack making a comeback. Here are some of the most popular titles out there at the moment. 

Candy Crush Friends Saga

Candy Crush was popular from the very beginning, with almost every smartphone having the game installed. This game continues to evolve and stay at the top of the list each year. Simply put, players match diamonds of different shapes and colors with each other to eliminate rows in the game and achieve a high score.

Online Casinos

Online Casinos have had to step up this year since most casino venues were shut. Gamblers now have access to various gaming options ranging from the classics such as slot machines, poker and blackjack, to new and more innovative ideas.

Draw Something

Think Pictionary but for your phone. Players no longer have to unpack the massive drawing pads and sharpen their pencils; this game can now be enjoyed via a mobile device and has proven very popular. As technology continues to show no boundaries, we’re excited to see what more will come from the gaming industry, especially the side of the industry that utilises the everyday smartphone.