Ecommerce Platform Copia, Which Targets Low-Income Households, Expands To Uganda

Copia Global

E-commerce platform Copia has been doing an excellent job in offering its services and products in the logistics business. The firm’s main targets are low-income consumers in Africa, and it has been on a path to ensure the demographic is well served.

We looked into its operations at the start of the pandemic in 2020, and how it had set out to serve the rural and peri-urban customers, mainly in Nyanza, Western, Rift Valley, Eastern and Central Kenya. 

Months before, the company had raised a healthy KES 2.6 billion in a Serie B Fund Drive. At the same time, Copia also appointed former Safaricom Executive Betty Mwangi to its board.

Overall, Copia has netted more than KES 5 billion in series A, B and C funding.

Founded in 2013, Copia has of this week, taken its business to Uganda. According to the company, ‘Copia Uganda is built on the company’s success in its initial market, Kenya where Copia serves more than 1 million customers and is doubling in size every year.’

The move to Uganda will also see the company offer high-quality and affordable products to millions of customers in the landlocked country, regardless of location, technology access and connection status.

The firm that its growth doubled in 2020. It has more than 30K agents who serve as ordering and delivery points across Kenya. 77 percent of its agents are women, and this has been designed so to contribute to the financial well-being of their communities.

Besides Uganda, Copia, which employs mor than 500 people, is also making plans to go to Meru County, Kenya.