12 Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing


A marketing strategy is essential for the growth and success of any business. Small, medium and large enterprises are very keen on the type of strategy they want to apply to their target markets. They are no longer focusing on the quantity or number of audiences they can reach but also the quality of their marketing campaign, especially on its relevance and connection with their target markets.

Social media marketing is a cost-effective and versatile method that meets a business’s need for quality and quantity in their marketing reach. It enables businesses to apply a multi-targeted approach that can increase traffic, recognition, sales, and other vital aspects in a business operation. If your business is just casually or occasionally using social media in its marketing strategy, read further to know the reasons why you should take advantage and maximize the utilization of social media marketing.

1.   Enhance Brand Visibility

Social media marketing can boost and reinforce the awareness of people about your brand by gaining access to more or less 4 billion active social media users. However, businesses should note that while the number of social media is indeed staggering, they only need a fraction of it to give their business brands the exposure they need. Even so, gaining several thousands of subscribers or followers can take a lot of effort to achieve. The good thing is various agencies are providing social media marketing services that are tailor-fit to the business structure, operation, and industry of their clients. They make the social media marketing campaigns of their clients targeted and focused on a particular demographic or audience group. For example, small and medium construction businesses can target young adults or middle-aged audiences within their localities and neighboring cities or towns, especially those living in suburban neighborhoods or gated communities. It draws in the type of visitors construction businesses want to attract by driving awareness about their construction and remodeling needs.

2.   Improve Your SEO Campaign

Many businesses are aware of the significance of search engine optimization (SEO) in driving organic traffic and brand awareness for your business by tapping on more than half of the world’s population of internet users. As mentioned earlier, social media has a comparable number of users as those who browse the internet. Social media marketing can help organize and streamline the traffic towards the optimized pages of your business website by sharing new and interesting content to your social media subscribers and followers. It also helps boost the ranking of your pages by consistently redirecting traffic to them via links and posts shared on social media.  

3.   Improve the Receptiveness of Current and Potential Consumers

Social media has to have a significant emotional and psychological influence on its users. When your business is actively present on a social media platform, it gains the interest and trust of viewers and its followers. Fresh content and information about your business products and services are more interesting when you present them on social media due to the informal and casual way of delivering promotions and advertisements. Many social media users will not consider your business posts as advertisements or promotions but conversation and friendly recommendations. Social media redefines the personality and voice of your brand as engaging, relevant, and trustworthy and establishes strong connections with consumers while driving leads and sales.

4.   Improve Customer Interactions and Satisfaction

Opening a social media account tells your customers and potential consumers that your business is willing to reach out to them on a social level. When you make your business visible on social media, you are giving your current and potential customers an avenue where they can interact with your business for purposes other than purchasing products or services. Responding to comments and reviews on social media shows your audience the effort your business is making by reaching out to them and understanding their needs, preferences, and concerns.

5.   Social Media Marketing is Cost-Effective

Social media is not an expensive marketing investment that businesses can make. Many of the social media channels offer free accounts, and their premium accounts have affordable rates. For any business owner, it is an advantageous attractive offer. The cost of paid social media ads is comparatively lower than traditional advertising media, making it accessible no matter what business size or level you currently have. Also, social media marketing does not require a complicated approach, especially when creating content. Building connections and interactions with customers do a more efficient job at conveying your marketing goals and converting new leads.

6.   Social Media Helps You Understand Customers Better

As mentioned earlier, social media helps establish better interactions with fans and followers who are your current or potential customers. Another benefit you can gain from it is an alternative of gathering valuable data from your customers. While analytics and reporting tools can give you statistics and numbers, there are also emotional and behavioral factors from consumers that also need to be observed and considered. Through social media, interactions through conversations, Q&As, and customer feedback responses are some efficient ways of gaining valuable insights on the sentiments, concerns, and needs of customers. If your product or services can address these concerns, you are steps closer to achieving your marketing goals.

7.   You Gain a Competitive Edge in the Market

You might be thinking that with more than 95% of businesses having social media accounts, your business is just one of many fish in the sea. Social media is just what it is, a vast, nearly endless ocean waiting to be explored. Likely, your competitors are also on social media, which only proves that they see social media channels as windows of business growth opportunities. However, that doesn’t mean that you should be taking the same path as your competitors. There are vast possibilities and areas you can explore and get your business ahead of the pack in social media. Focus on one or two channels for the moment and work on how you can improve your brand’s personality and establish your business as an authority in its industry.

8.   You Improve Your Site’s Conversion Rate

Aside from boosting SEO, the benefit of social media extends to the conversion and sales of your products and services. Social media is an avenue where you can change your marketing approach to be more human, engaging, and interactive. There’s no pressure in making your approach complicated or aggressive. This channel is about making and maintaining connections with your target market. Use that route to your advantage by incorporating humor, warmth, and a glimpse of the human side of your business. Your calls to action in social media marketing can be indirect and endearing to your customers and make them more effective in converting them.

9.   You Gain Improved Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is one of the most significant aims in many businesses. Social media is an excellent platform where you can develop rapport and emotional connection with your customers, followers, and fans. By dedicating more time to your social media presence and interactions with customers, you show them that you are willing to reach out to them not just on a business level but also on a personal level. When customers feel that they are valued not only as sources of revenue but also as people, they stick to your products and become loyal customers and advocates.

10.     You Significantly Expand Your Market Reach

One of the least known yet powerful benefits of social media is the power it gives to build networks. What it means for your business is that not only does it build a wider network of followers and fans who are also customers but it also expands the reach of your marketing campaign farther than your target market. When you have a network of loyal customers and advocates, they become powerful advertising tools for your business when they endorse your business to their networks of friends. These customers may even have followers of their own, which makes them effective micro-influencers that spread word-of-mouth advertising. It gives you the necessary exposure for possible market expansion in the future.

11.     You Gain Exposure to a Diverse Market

For small and medium enterprises, the logical step to take in marketing is to focus on the local market. This is vital in establishing the expertise and knowledge of your market in the industry it belongs to. Even at the local level, social media helps you gain exposure to a diverse market of customers with various ethnic backgrounds, social statuses, purchase behaviors, and preferences. It helps you gain useful insights to prepare you for a more diverse market when you expand your marketing reach domestically or internationally in the future. 

12.     Social Media Marketing is a Fun Way of Driving Revenue

As a business owner or manager, you want to have a hands-on approach to the marketing strategies of your venture. Often, the analytical, organizational, and financial demands of marketing can be stressful and remove the fun part of the endeavor. It is why some business owners delegate marketing tasks to officers and departments. With social media marketing, however, managers and CEOs can be directly involved in the campaign and interact with the customers, clients, followers, and audiences. It helps them see for themselves how their business is making an impact in their target market. In turn, business managers become more insightful and receptive to changes that will help make their products or services more useful for the consumers. An adaptive business can gain revenue with the help of marketing inputs gained from social media.

The benefits and influence of social media are vast and still expanding. If your business has not used its full potential yet, then now is the best time to ride the social media wave. Establishing a strong presence in social media and giving your business a more human image can help it gain more customers. It’s not only the number of customers that can grow with effective social media marketing but also the reputation of your business and the revenues it can gain. Best of all social media marketing is cost-effective and fun to maintain, so there’s no reason for your business not to utilize its full potential.