Samsung Brings The Artistic Frame and Neo TVs, Customizable BESPOKE Fridges to Kenyans Who Can Afford Them

Samsung Electronics East Africa Head of Consumer Electronics Mr. Sam Odhiambo discusses the gaming advantage of the Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV with Mr. Saruni Maina who is a gaming and tech enthusiast during the AI centered electronics customer education forum, that was broadcasted from the Samsutech Samsung shop at the Mirage Tower on Waiyaki Way.

Samsung East Africa has a host of new home entertainment and utility products for its loyal customers.

The products were launched just the other day, and for the most part, they are targeting to appeal to consumers who want the very best of what the South Korean tech company has to offer.

The products can be summed up as follows: BESPOKE refrigerators that can be customized according to user preferences, new washing machines that are equipped with a ton of AI and machine learning tech to make your laundry-doing an enjoyable experience, as well as new TVs, including the 2021 model of The Frame that sits flush on your wall and churns out artistic images for your entertainment when it is not in use.

At the show, which was held in Nairobi and attended by Samsung Electronics East Africa Head of Consumer Electronics Division Mr. Sam Odhiambo, among other executives and local tech enthusiasts, Samsung showcased the Neo QLED 8K and 4K Series TV, QLED 2021 Series TV, Crystal UHD 2021 Series TV, as well as the aforementioned Frame TV and AI-powered washing machines and BESPOKE fridges.

Here are some of the features that caught our attention:

Washing machines

  • The new range of washing machines allow users to enjoy efficient cleaning, even at low temperatures with the Samsung Eco Bubble technology.
  • AI Wash uses 4 types of sensors to sense the laundry’s weight and calculates the optimal amount of water and detergent.
  • Price: they are expensive, starting from KES 82K to KES 198K.


  • The TVs are available in both 4K and 8K. Both resolutions are future-proof.
  • The TVs, like the fridges, are pricey, starting from KES 209K for the New QLED 4K 55-inch to KES 729K for the 75-inch 8K model.


  • The range is made up of the tall one door fridge, the tall one door freezer and a bottom mount fridge. 
  • These refrigerators can be installed as either a counter-depth style or a kitchen-fit style by aligning your kitchen cabinet. 
  • The minimalist flat design allows them to blend perfectly with any modern kitchen décor. 
  • The refrigerators have large capacity allowing for enough space to store the user’s groceries. These fridges are designed by you for you, with the Bespoke design allowing you to custom make them to fit into your specific taste and liking allowing you to express your personal style.
  • The fridges range from KES 139,000 to KES 145,000.  

In the past, we always talked about Artificial Intelligence being the future of consumer electronics. At Samsung, the future is now. In July 2021 we introduced a new range of intelligent electronics and we see it fit to educate our customers on the benefits of each feature of the new electronics in order to allow them to make more informed purchase decisions. – Mr. Sam Odhiambo.