OPPO Announces ColorOS 12: List of Eligible Devices

OPPO ColorOS 12

OPPO isn’t waiting till Google publicly releases Android 12 – they’ve gone ahead and launched ColorOS 12 – their Android 12 inspired user interface.

ColorOS 12 elements feature a new Infinite Design aesthetic with redesigned icons that now use depth and texture. The interface has been improved and now features distinguishing colours and increased text contrast.

ColorOS 12 has a new avatar aptly named Omoji which uses 20,000 unique markers to create a personalized avatar. OPPO says that feature builds a high precision 3D model and that you can use that customized avatar for video calls, a profile photo and more.

You can now also resize on-screen content between full screen, small window, or mini window modes.

OPPO has included new utilities and suggested contextual actions to the new Smart Sidebar 2.0.

OPPO also introduced a new Cross-Screen interconnection feature which will allow users to view incoming notifications, share files between devices and edit documents on their phone directly on the laptop that run Windows 10.

OPPO added a new Car Screen Projection feature. It’s similar to Android Auto Wireless but aimed at Chinese based serviced including Baidu Maps.

ColorOS 12 has a new and more intuitive Quantum Animation Engine which OPPO says delivers life-like animated effects across its new user interface by imitating the physical habits of resistance, rebound and inertia.

OPPO adds that the anti-stuttering engine will enable the phone to run just as fast even after years of use.

Android 12 features ColorOS 12 is coming with include new quick tiles, new widgets, improved one-handed mode, notification settings, visual overhaul, new app pairs for split-screen, privacy improvements and more.

Rollout Plan

OPPO has launched ColorOS 12 in China and a global launch is scheduled to go live in the coming weeks. The public beta for ColorOS 12 launches next month with OPPO’s Find X3 series.

OPPO Devices slated for Android 12, ColorOS 12 update:

We’ll update you when ColorOS 12 starts rolling out in the country. OPPO confirms that more than 110 models and 150 million users will be able to get the ColorOS 12 upgrade.