OPPO Enco Air TWS Earbuds Review


OPPO recently launched the Reno6 5G(full review) and also took to stage to launch the OPPO Enco Air earbuds.

They come in this box that contains the charging case with the earbuds inside, when you open the divider, you get paperwork and a Type-C cable tucked inside. There are no spare silicone tips in the box.


The earbuds are glossy with slender stems and touch-sensitive receptors at the top. The charging case is has a round oblong shape featuring a matte design and translucent top plus a type-c port at the bottom. The case and the earbuds are pretty light – you’ll barely notice them – either on your ears or the case in your pocket.

The earbuds are IPX4 water resistance certified meaning you can use them during workouts and when outdoors during and there’s a drizzle.

They fit securely in my ears and conformed well to the contours of my ears.

Set Up

Setting them up is pretty easy – just turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, open the charging case lid and you’ll get a pairing prompt on your phone. Enco Air’s instant connection will automatically connect the buds to the device each time you pop up the case’s lid.

The magnetic lid flips open and shut with a satisfying closing sound. The buds are cozily nestled inside the case thanks to the powerful magnets

If you connect to an OPPO device like the recently launched Reno6 or others, the earbud settings will be available right on the Bluetooth connections list. Here you can check the battery level of the buds and the case and download firmware updates and customise the actions you want.

If you don’t have an OPPO device, you’ll need to download the HeyMelody app available on the Google Play store.


By default, a double-tap on either bud will skip to the next track, a triple tap on either one will activate your phone’s voice assistant, and a long press will adjust the volume, louder on the right, quieter on the left.

It’s worth noting that there are no pause or play options – removing one earbud to pause won’t do. However, you can reset them in the buds Bluetooth setting so that a double tap on the right earbud lets you play and pause.


In terms of audio performance, the earbuds deliver punchy sound with decent bass thanks to the 12mm titanium-composite dynamic driver on each bud. You are also getting well-balanced vocals, smooth mids plus clear and pronounced trebles – you’ll definitely enjoy bopping to your favourite tunes with the Enco Air.

The earbuds are open-ear which means a certain amount of external noise will definitely make its way into your ears.

For specs, we have Bluetooth 5.2 which meant there was no connectivity or drop out issues when listening to music or answering calls. Speaking of calls, OPPO included AI-powered noise cancellation to let you have crisp clear calls – the earbuds pick out vocals no matter how noisy your surroundings maybe – this comes in handy when you’re in a matatu or have live in an apartment with noisy neighbours.

OPPO Enco Air features Low latency High Definition Codec (LHDC) support so you can experience high-resolution audio streaming. Other codes supported include SBCand AAC. There’s also feature a low-latency, dual-transmission gaming mode. This mode reduces the lag between visuals and audio when watching videos or playing games on your phone.

Battery Life and Charging

OPPO Enco Air buds last close to five hours on a single charge. You can pop them in the case to recharge as many as five times before the case dies out too. The case juices up quickly thanks to the type-c charging port. An hour and a half will fully charge it up and last up to 24 hours. Charging the case for ten minutes will give you 8 hours of playback.

The Enco Air tick all the right boxes – incredible audio performance, reliable call quality, light and compact design, dependable battery life, fast charging and more importantly – they are affordable.

The Enco Air are not sold separately as they are part of a gift when you buy the OPPO Reno6 5G in OPPO retail stores and selected eCommerce sites like KilimallJumiaSkygarden and Masoko(Ksh 56,999).

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