Jambojet In-Flight Entertainment System Includes Moving Maps and Destination Videos, But it Needs Some Sprucing Up

The Wi-Fi onboard is captive, meaning you cannot access the internet with it. It is just there to let you access IFE content, which, by the way, is stored locally in the IFE box.


Carrier Jambojet has been testing an in-flight entertainment (IFE) system for a couple of weeks now.

The service is now live, and will see Jambojet customers enjoy some kind of entertainment as they travel to their various destinations.

The IFE system has been developed in partnership with Global Onboard Partners.

Customers get to access content stored in the IFE box through their smart devices or computers.

The access is done through a wireless network only available through the plane.

A single aircraft is fitted with one or two IFE boxes that look like tiny black boxes. It can support up to 80 devices in the plane.


Those who have used the system already have a rough idea about how it works (through the help of the crew).

All you need is your phone.

Once the box has been powered, pick your phone and enable flight mode.

Then, switch on WiFi and connect to the JamboPlay network.

Alternatively, the crew might provide you with a material that has a QR code for quick access.

Then open your browser, and enter the following URL: jamboplay.aero

Afterward, you will be taken to the IFE page. You can then choose your entertainment package from there.


The following entertainment packages are available on the platform:

  • Destination explorer – here, you get to watch a bunch of videos about your destination. Mostly, the vides are about tourist sites you can visit once you get there.
  • Moving maps – when we tested the system the moving maps option was not active. We believe it works now, and as its name suggests, the feature displays your location while on the flight.
  • Games: there are a bunch of games stored in the IFE box. You can play them if that is your jam, but the majority of them would be appealing to kids.

The platform gives other players, including corporates and advertisers to plug in their content.

Furthermore, and with exclusive offers, rewards, and dynamic maps to help passengers find the best places to stay, food to eat, and attractions to visit, passengers can use Jambojet Destination Explorer to make the most out of their travel experience and see the best of each incredible destination in Jambojet’s network.

Other details

The platform can be accessed with iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS devices.

The majority of browsers are supported as well.

The Wi-Fi onboard is captive, meaning you cannot access the internet with it. It is just there to let you access IFE content, which, by the way, is stored locally in the IFE box.

On the whole, that’s just it. There isn’t much going on as far as entertainment is concerned, and some customers may choose to watch content stored in their phones anyway because the choices offered by the carrier are limited.

Besides, most of the local flights last up to an hour or so, which is a short time for a person to see the need for any form of entertainment.

The games, however, are a nice touch especially for kids who have a knack for keeping them hooked to content that stimulate their brains.

Moving maps are also a good addition because they point out your exact location while moving.

Will more content grace the IFE platform? Well, that’s the plan according to Jambojet, so we will wait and see how that develops in the future.


Passengers spend an average 1 hour on the flight. The in-flight entertainment system will feature Jambojet Destination Explorer and also have videos, games, and reading material to keep them entertained, informed and engaged during the flight. – Karanja Ndegwa, Managing Director and CEO, Jambojet.

Our innovative platform has been designed to provide a win-win for everyone through the delivery of destination experiences and special offers to passengers, through important new revenue streams to airlines and at the same time, providing greater access to tourism and hospitality partners to participate at affordable prices and receive direct contact with passengers. – Global Onboard Partners CEO Kirk Adams.


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