AliExpress Partners With Speedaf Express, Reportedly Cuts Ties With Posta


AliExpress has reportedly cut ties with Posta. The e-commerce site has partnered up with Speedaf Express, a logitsics company, to handle items bought on its platform.

A member of our forums with the username Krizwech who’s a regular contributor shared that he has noticed that items they purchase on AliExpress are no longer handled by Posta but by the logistics firm.

Speedaf Express will call you once AliExpress sends you a notification that your items have arrived in the country to inform you that they have your item(s) and that you need to share directions to your location for it to be delivered to you.

One of the delivery guys added that AliExpress cut ties with Posta and partnered with Speedaf Express to deliver items to consumers.

Krizwech continues in the post to say that a friend they know still gets her items delivered to Posta for pickup from AliExpress.

We now ask you – do you get your items from Posta or Speedaf Express delivered them to you if you bought them on AliExpress.

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  1. I have been getting my stuff from Posta all along since 2018. The latest order I made came through Speedaf. I think I am loving it that way.

  2. I wondered why i didn’t recieve my order through posta.
    Delivery was also fast,took about 2 weeks while posta would take about 5 my opinion speedaf is much better

  3. I get it through Speedaf, but most times , Speedaf gives my packages to the local post office which makes everything a longer process

  4. Speedaf is faster than Posta besides Posta charges me 100 for every package delivered through them, Speedaf delivers to me at no cost. I loving Speedaf.

  5. Personally, it will be better for me to pay ₦200 per delivery from Posta than to wait for Speedaf because it’s free. besides, Posta delivers my item at my home conveniently. I received some items through Speedaf and only twice they sent me mail that i should come to their office to get my item which was okay by me. but the next item that came there, they sent it to Posta and that was how that item got missing till date. In my opinion Posta is still the best because since 2019 when i started receiving my orders from Posta I’ve never lost any item. And in fact most items gets to me from Posta 1 week after item arrives Nigeria. Making it a total of 3 weeks from the date i placed order. So please Posta should be left to handle items

  6. Posta has been way exorbitant in slurping a fixed handling fee of Ksh 175 per any item notwithstanding its value or cost. Now Speedaf are giving us all items free of this unnecessary charges.

  7. Posta has been way exorbitant in slaping with a fixed handling fee of Ksh 175 per any item notwithstanding it’s value or cost. Now Speedaf are giving us all items free of this unnecessary charges. Kudos

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