How Businesses Can Apply for Sendy Fulfilment and Get 100 Free Orders


A few days ago, logistics firm Sendy launched Sendy Fulfilment.

Generally, Sendy Fulfilment is an online platform that performs logistics roles or alleviates logistics difficulties from online sellers while also shielding them from high operation costs that are often associated with logistics.

But how does the platform work?

Well, the company has detailed how businesses can get into the Fulfilment platform, and the benefits they can derive from using the product.

How to get started

First, interested businesses need to register their portfolio at the Sendy Fulfilment here.

It is a form with the following requirements: business name, the product sold, how the business sells products (social media, online marketplace, or from a physical store), social media handle, the name of the business owner, phone number, and business email address.

Once registered, the business will get its first 100 orders fulfilled for free.

How it works

First, the registered business needs to send Sendy Fulfilment its products. It can do so by selecting and adding them from the Sendy App.

The firm will then store the product in one of its many Fulfilment stores. This goes a long way in saving time and shipping costs.

Sendy will then pack and ship orders to customers.

The customers receive real-time updates from the time the company starts packing items until they are delivered.

This means that customers do not need to call the services to manually track products being shipped to them.

Finally, Sendy charges 13 percent of the selling price, and that fee also covers pickup, three shipping attempts, storage for 60 days, and tracking inventory.