Great reasons you should move your business to shopify


Today, Shopify has become very popular. It is the best cloud-based solution for online and retail stores. It supports more than 600,000 businesses with more than $82 billion in sales. Within a minimal period, Shopify has had a significant impact on businesses. It has changed the way different companies sell their products. The change made by Shopify is a beautiful kind of change. This is because both large and small-scale businesses have testified that they are now working with something better. Here are some excellent reasons you should choose to work with Shopify today. 

Easy to use

Shopify requires little to no knowledge for you to operate. It consists of simple processes that are well explained straightforwardly. It is leading when it comes to competition because of its simplicity. It also has a comprehensive dashboard that better understands your sales and audience. The dashboard also helps you to have a greater understanding of your target audience. 

E-commerce solution

How great can Shopify get? Shopify is one incredible eCommerce platform that has a lot of things combined in one. It has its hosting, security, sales channel, and cart functionality combined in one package. This saves you the time that you were to use if you were to work with each box at a time. It also saves you the money you would have to spend on each package. Shopify saves you the energy you have to use in building an online storefront by making things easier for you. With Shopify, you now have the potential to compete with larger-scale businesses at a low operating cost. 

Great apps and themes 

Shopify has over 2200 functioning apps. These fantastic apps can help you start a business, manage it, grow it, and even run it. The Shopify App Store is very flexible in that it allows you to integrate its features and how it functions simply. There are some popular app extensions used in the market. These extensions have various unique purposes. The exciting news in all of this is that the wings can help you solve most of your business problems. These popular app extensions include Mail Chimp and Bold Subscriptions, among others. Shopify also has many free but beautiful things you can choose from. 


Nobody wants to work with something they do not feel secure while using it. Shopify’s priority is offering quality security to its users. It is dire when securing hosting and protecting their users’ accounts information. They have used a powerful mechanism that protects Shopify users from any third-party invasion. They also have invested a lot of time and money in a Level 1 PCI certification. It would be best if you did not worry about your security online because Shopify covers and protects your online store, shopping cart, and you are hosting. 

Support system 

We all feel valued when working with something that cares about our opinions and feedback. Shopify has a robust support system. The support system is always ready to hear and help you out at any time of day and night. You can reach out to the support system if you have inquiries by email, live chat, and phone. The support system can troubleshoot problems and figure out the best solution for you. Their help center also has resources and tutorials to help you sell your products. To move from woocommerce to shopify, you need a WooCommerce to Shopify Migration Service.


Shopify servers are something you can rely on. The Shopify servers have a 99.8% uptime and an unlimited bandwidth. This is necessary to take care of any increase in traffic loads. You have no reason to get paranoid and worried with any ongoing Shopify platform maintenance that works to reduce downtime. This is because Shopify works very well during the maintenance period, and your business will run smoothly as usual. You can rely heavily on Shopify because of its consistency and beautiful features that will keep your business always running perfectly. 


Transparency is the key to almost everything in this life. Shopify is always open, clear, and transparent to its users at all times with their pricing plans. You will never receive any additional bills and charges that you know nothing about. Your payments will only be what you understand and agree to pay for. Shopify has plans as low as $29 per month that you can start from. You do not have to make any long-term commitments to Shopify if you do not want to. The good thing about Shopify is they hide nothing from you. You have it all. 

No coding 

Unlike its competitors, you need not worry about coding. The need to have developer expertise to set up your shop should not worry about. What does this mean? This means that with Shopify, you do not need to hire developers and designers to help you get started. 

Seo friendly

When migrating over to Shopify, your URLs are inevitably going to change. The good news is that the change coming from the migration will have almost no effect on your search engine rankings. If you prepare yourself well, you will be able to redirect, monitor, and keep your page performance. Most retailers have not realized yet that the platform improves SEO rankings. The truth is that this is an excellent opportunity to use shorter URL strings and high-performing keywords with fewer levels of depth. 

Easy to scale 

Scalability is essential for a business to thrive. Shopify always has an enterprise-grade solution available for you whenever you need it. Once you enroll in Shopify, you will be assigned a dedicated Merchant Success Manager. They will define your short- and long-term business goals and position you for future growth. 


Shopify is the leading first-hosted e-commerce solution. It will boost your sales and, most importantly, your business you allow it to. It improves your business performance rapidly. If you consider all these great reasons from this article, you are about to make a very informed choice. Take charge of your business today and introduce Shopify if you want your business to succeed.

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