Computer Scientist Dr. Chao Mbogo Leaves KEMU for Training and Research


Dr. Chao Mbogo is one of the leading computer scientists in Kenya. She has used her platform, both on educational channels and social media to amplify her achievements that have motivated a lot of young learners. She is also one of the few Kenyan computer scientists with a PhD, which she obtained from the University of Cape Town.

The researcher and mentor has been a senior lecturer at KEMU for an extended period. However, this is about to change following her announcement that she will be transitioning to other things.

According to her updates on Twitter, Chao has since resigned from academia, and seeks to accomplish the following in the coming years:

  • She will be leading KamiLimu on a full-time basis. KamiLimu is a mentorship platform that has been around for more than half a decade. It focuses on mentorship for technology students, and according to Chao, she wants to see the platform go global soon.
  • More focus on consultancy and community building. ‘Leading consultancy efforts at Cove Consulting where we will support organizations and individuals to build their own skill-building initiatives, and to use research as a sound base for tech innovations. (website coming soon)’ – says Chao in her statement on Twitter,
  • She will further embark on pushing more educational material on Coursera.
  • That’s not all: her research spirits are still intact, hence she wants to publish more papers around innovation and her forte, programming.

‘Making the decision to transition fully from academia was not easy, esp when my career was, from external view, flourishing. But I’ve been fortunate to have lived a life that’s been littered with life-changing decisions & I tapped into that strength & my support system,’ adds Dr. Mbogo.

As seen, Dr. Chao has determined that the interest in computer science is multi-faceted and progresses rapidly. It is a space where people are faced with decisions about how they define themselves, and their work. It is also obvious that Chao has considered all these and has settled on exploring more options outside the classroom.

We wish her success in her future endevours.