How to Resign for Erroneous Political Party Registration Via USSD

Members of the Tujibebe Wakenya Party, Image Courtesy of Tujibebe Wakenya Party Twitter

Kenyans have been erroneously registered to political parties, and while there was a backlash about the same some time in 2021, folks at the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) haven’t don’t much because people are still registered to parties they do not subscribe to. Heck, Kenyans are also registered to those parties in constituencies that they belong to, and the big question is how this happened, and how come no one has been penalized for the same.

That aside, it is now easier to check which party you are registered to. If it is the wrong one, or you have not political party affiliations, you can opt out.

Access and service

The service is available on USSD code *509#.

Once you dial it, you will be welcomed to ORPP mobile services. If this is the first time of using the code, the first page will prompt you to register by pressing 1.

You will be asked to enter your ID number and other necessary details for you to be registered.

Afterward, the next page will prompt you to check your membership or resign from the party you are registered to.

On my side, I noted I am registered to Tujibebe Wakenya, a party I have never heard of and have nothing to do with.

Nonetheless, the platform offers additional information such as the membership number, when you were registered, your country and constituency.

After you have verified all these details, you can choose to let them remain, or opt out.

You will also be asked to give reason for resigning for a party (erroneous registration, joining another party or remaining party-less).

And that’s just that.