itel Kenya New Brand Ambassador To Be Revealed Tomorrow


Companies across the globe, including phone manufacturers have taken advantage of the brand ambassador program, which allows them to collaborate with their dedicated brand community on creating more authentic advertising. The same program allows them to drive awareness organically.

itel, which makes low-cost smartphones, among other tech products, is one of the companies that has realized that it could be missing out on an opportunity to market itself through the Kenyan community.

To this end, the Transsion offshoot, which is also a sister company to TECNO, Infinix, and Syinix, has revealed that it has scouted for a local brand ambassador, who will be revealed tomorrow (Tuesday 19).

So when that happens, we look forward to the itel brand gaining more popularity in Kenya households. The person, whoever he or she will be, will obviously glorify itel products, and this, we hope, will give the itel brand an efficient way to make itself more known out there.

itel also understands that when advertising through the brand ambassador program, it will be gaining direct access to more customers. At the same time, it will also engage the right customers who genuinely love itel products. This, in the end, will likely boost relevance and in the long run, return on investment.

itel phones, including feature phones, are loved locally because they are insanely affordable. This is important because the majority of people who buy smartphones in Kenya are bargain hunters, and there aren’t many brands that take care of this demographic. In fact, itel has never really changed its business model. To put this in perspective, brands that start as budget-conscious businesses usually transition to more premium brands as we have seen among some phone makers. However, this has not been the case with itel, which continues to sell the majority of its handhelds for less than KES 10K.

Whenever the announcement of the new brand ambassador is made, be certain that we will be here to let you know.