Good TVs have gotten really affordable in the past few years. Infinix’s latest TVs – the X3 series fits the bill and perfectly balances price and performance.

It’s an excellent smart Android TV perfect for those who want to make the jump without dropping hard cash needed for a high-end model but still want the premium look and the wide colour gamut.

We have had the 43″ Infinix X3 Android TV and here’s our full review.

Here’s what you get in the box:

  • The TV itself with power cable included
  • User manual
  • Stand installation guide
  • Warranty card
  • Two base stands with four screws
  • Remote
Infinix X3 43 inch Android TV remote


Infinix X3 comes in a light and slim frame with minimal bezel and it will look sleek and modern in any entertainment centre. The included stands provide a rock-solid base and it doesn’t wobble at all. It was pretty easy installing the stand and the setup too.

The remote is black and comes with dedicated hotkeys for Netflix, YouTube and Google Play. Other buttons include the Google Assistant controls and volume controls. You’ll need to get two triple-A batteries to power it. It’s light and feels good in the hand.

The Infinix X3 comes laden with multiple ports. You get three HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, an ethernet port(it has dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 support ), a 3.5mm headphone jack, and antenna ports for DVB-T2 and Satelite, AV ports, digital audio out port, and MiniYPbPr video output port.

It’s worth noting that the second HDMI port supports eARC[Enhanced Audio Return Channel] which lets you send high bitrate audio from your TV to an audio processor such as a soundbar or AV receiver especially if they also have eARC or ARC HDMI ports.

This port is also handy as the Infinix X3 has Dolby Atmos sound. The TV has 4 Dolby Atmos powered stereo speakers(36W) that sound very good too – it was assertive and full-bodied. Dialogue is clear and there’s a rumble in the bass with a sparkle in the highs. It gets loud enough without being shouty.

If this is your first smart Android TV, then the sound is convincing enough thus removing the necessity of getting a soundbar.

When it comes to the screen, the Infinix X3 comes in two sizes to fit any entertainment centre – 32 inches and 43 inches.

Infinix X3 43 inch Android TV Display

The 43-inch unit is full HD at 1080p and features HDR 10 support with brightness peaking at 400 nits.

The Infinix X3 still displayed beautifully vivid, contrasty and immersive HDR-supportive content and for the price, you get to enjoy a good viewing experience.

You can tweak the picture modes to customize your options between Standard, Dynamic, Movie, Vivid, Sport, Personal and Eye Comfort.

Colour saturation is decent thanks to the expanded colour gamut and improved screen uniformity. However, its fidelity degrades off-axis so the best position is to sit more or less directly facing the TV.

Software and Performance

Infinix X3 comes with Android TV 11 with the Google Play Store so you can download other apps. You have access to Google Assistant via the remote and inbuilt Chromecast. The support for Google Chromecast integration not only lets you cast content from your phone on supported apps but also mirror your screen entirely.

The Tv comes with 8GB of onboard storage, and 1GB RAM and is powered by Realtek RTD2841 chipset and G31x2 GPU.

Android TV is a nice and solidly designed interface and intuitive with various streaming platforms supported. The apps are all accessible from the single home menu. You can customize it to have your favourite apps at the top.

The processor is decent and the interface is responsive and quick. You can use the Google Assistant button on the remote to search for something specific.

Overall, you’ll enjoy interacting with the Infinix X3 TV.


The Infinix X3 series does everything it’s built to do and there’s more than enough going on. The picture and sound quality are more than adequate with the inclusion of HDR 10 support, Dolby Atmos and Android 11 TV which integrates really well with Google’s ecosystem of products.

Infinix X3 has everything good going with it and some more which makes for a great entry-level Android TV.

Other than the off-axis colour saturation, it’s hard to not like the Infinix X3 series, especially considering its price.

As I had said in my first impression review, if the TV ships with the speculated cost, then it will hit the right bang for buck. This is important if you’re upgrading your regular TV or you are in search of a Smart TV fit for your living room without breaking the bank.

Pricing and Availability

In other markets, the Infinix X3 43″ goes for around Ksh 30,000(rough conversion). We’ll update this article with the actual Kenyan retail price when it is officially launched.