Moringa Receives Pre Series A Investment, Will Expand to Nigeria and Ghana


Most of us want to be able to code. But, and to be honest, coding is a challenging thing to do and needs talent, and a lot of brainpower. But what if there is a way to alleviate that shortcoming through some kind of schoolwork?

Well, and ideally, there are many organizations that have been trying to address the coding limitation. Heck, even the state has since revealed a coding curriculum for students. The idea is that Kenyan children will now have the opportunity to take part in coding and computer programming classes as the development skills become valuable in many industries.

Some organizations such as the Moringa School have been trying to fill this coding gap. The school has since raised some funds to support its expansion outside Kenya.

According to a statement from the company, Moringa is building on a seed investment by DOB Equity and $9.5 million funding by Mastercard Foundation.

Now, the school says it has received additional investment from Proparco to support its expansion outside Kenya. The amount invested now has not been revealed.

To this end, and over the next year, Moringa will start training software developers in Ghana and Nigeria. It also plans to enter other African countries in the long run.

Moringa has been training high school/university graduates to be Software Engineers and Data Scientists for the past 7 years in Kenya and achieved market leadership training over 4,000 students with an employment rate of over 85%.

Moringa has since agreed to a curriculum licensing deal with a leading coding boot camp, Flatiron.

And since its launches with Impact Hub Accra and Social Enterprise Ghana, Moringa and Plenty Tech Jobs Nigeria have entered into a market entry partnership that will see it become a key provider of tech talent for the Nigerian workforce.

Moringa is planning for a Series A drive in 2023.


According to Snehar Shah, Moringa’s CEO “The investment comes at an exciting time for Moringa as the institution expands to Ghana and Nigeria. We are keen to leverage this partnership to train many more students using the leading US Bootcamp curriculum from Flatiron School. In line with our vision of a world in which anyone can create their future, we welcome the support of Proparco to make our courses available in new markets in Africa.”

According to Françoise Lombard, Proparco’s CEO “Supporting the African tech ecosystem is one of Proparco’s key priorities. Through our investment in Moringa, Proparco is proud to support an ambitious Edtech in its expansion in Africa and thus contribute to bridging the skills gap that has been affecting the growth of startups on the African continent”.