Device Trade-in Programs Pick Pace as Infinix Joins Badili

The phone must have been manufactured from 2019 onwards. This means that smartphones such as the Note 5 from 2018 do not qualify.


Phone makers, carrier outlets, and retail stores have been known to offer smartphone trade-in services. However, these are services that have, for a long time, been a reserve for Western markets. The good news is that the programs are slowly becoming commonplace in Kenya, and this goes a long way in helping people pay less for a new device.

One of the companies that offer this trade-in program is Infinix, which is a sister brand of TECNO, itel, and Synix (maker of TVs, and other home entertainment products). The program was launched just the other day, so it is possible you may not be aware of it.

How it works

First of all, you need to have an Infinix phone for the trade-in program.

The phone must have been manufactured from 2019 onwards. This means that smartphones such as the Note 5 from 2018 do not qualify.

If you have such a device, then make a point of visiting an Infinix retailer near you. There are tens of them across the country.

At the shop, present the device, and your national ID card for verification. It is also advised that you bring all the purchase credentials (receipts) for faster verification.

Then, at the shop, older devices (those from 2019 or 2020) will undergo an evaluation to determine their current value. Evaluation, in this case, entails checking the device’s battery performance, hardware issues (whether it has dents, screen scratches, and more), or even software issues. We do not know the extent of the whole evaluation exercise, but I guess that it is thorough.

Afterward, you can receive cash worth the current value of your phone.

Alternatively, you can add more money and get yourself a new Infinix device.

Remember, Safaricom outlets also sell Infinix devices, but single SIM models. The only qualifying devices at the shops are the Hot 12 PLAY, and the SMART 6 PLUS.

Simple, right?


One other company that offers such device trade-in programs is Badili. The good thing about Badili is that it accepts basically any smartphone, with no restrictions as to when the phone was made. It has also inked partnerships with the likes of Samsung, which allows its customers to trade in their older Samsung devices for new ones.

Similar to what Infinix is doing, Badili can also give a customer cash if they so choose. It offers its services in 27 retail stores in 6 Kenyan cities/towns.

It fixes the older phones by swapping batteries for new ones and repairs other hardware blemishes. Once that is done, they resell the phones with a 12-month local warranty.


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