Egypt Bags Deal with HMD Global to Assemble Nokia Phones

Nokia T20 with case

Some Nokia phones will now be assembled in Egypt.

This follows a deal between HMD Global, which has since been trying to revive the once world leader in terms of phone sales, and Etisal for Advanced Industries (EAI).

The transition seeks to see the manufacture of one million mobile phones (feature and smartphones) in the current year (2022). BY 2023, the deal will double this production output.

The deal was signed by General Manager of HMD in Egypt Tamer El-Gamal and EAI Managing Director Ahmed Abu Ouf. The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat also witnessed the signing of the agreement.

Egypt has been exploring consolidated efforts to create an enabling environment for fostering the arrival of global companies and their investment in the state.

The plan entails enabling the private sector to manufacture electronics through Egyptian factories, transfer knowledge and experiences and indigenize the electronics industry. 

Egypt also has an “Egypt Makes Electronics (EME)” presidential initiative that aims to broaden local manufacturing.

HMD Global will provide EAI factory with the production requirements of raw materials, inspection and testing tools, as well as calibration equipment necessary for the production process.

HMD will transfer technological expertise and technical support to the manufacturer in Egypt by training Egyptian calibers by Nokia experts from Finland.

This is in addition to providing all means of support to benefit from HMD research and development (R&D) centers to provide the best specifications and products that meet customer needs.

EAI, through its 6th of October factory, is developing and manufacturing advanced electronics in Egypt, with a production capacity of more than two million units within the current year, to annually reach ten million units in the coming years.