Kenya Launches New Digital Number Plates

NTSA Digital Plates
Image: Courtesy

At the start of the year, the government alongside its agencies, mainly Transport regulator the NTSA announced that it would be revealing new digital number plates for vehicles.

The day has finally come, following the launch of the plates by outgoing Interior CS Fred Matiang’i.

The plates have received two notable features: first, they now have security features, which allow law enforcement agencies to track vehicles. The feature is basically a microchip, which can be read by security agencies remotely. Secondly, the plates have aesthetically pleasing fonts and design.

Also, the plates now have a QR code, the Kenyan flag, and NTSA serial number.

This development follows compliance with the Traffic Act, 2016, which has a clause for security agencies to trace vehicles in case they are suspected to have been part of a crime or illegal activity.

Furthermore, the new plates will be put on all imported vehicles at their point of entry. The same exercise will also see direct synchronization with tax agency KRA. This, it is said, will help the agency track tax evaders, including businesses that sell vehicles.

Currently, there are nearly 5 million vehicles in Kenya. These vehicles have a limit of 18 months to switch their current plates to new ones. Each plate will cost KES 3000.

The plates will also serve 12 categories of vehicles.


  1. 18 months to comply, 6K total per set of plates…hope production will be faster because enforcement is going to bite us hard.

    • Will they track the white collar criminals for example our corrupt leaders who have swindled our tax money

  2. This process is meant to generate revenue for our broke government. The security etc are secondary.

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