dx100 Awards Kick Off with Digital Transformation Insights from Huawei, Microsoft, and Safaricom

L-R: Allan Kipsang’ (Tribe Lead, Enterprise Solutions, Safaricom Plc), Steve Kamuya (Executive Director, Huawei Technologies Kenya), Prof Louis Fourie (Deputy VC at Cape Peninsula University), Catherine Muraga (Managing Director, Microsoft Africa Development Centre), and dx5 Chairman Harry Hare.

The dx100 Symposium and Awards (formerly CIO 100 Awards), organized by dx5, a digital transformation company, kicked off yesterday. Wednesday, 23, 2022.

The first day of the three-day event saw a couple of discussions on topics bordering on Digital Transformation.

The 14th edition of the Digital Transformation awards has brought together different tech leaders from across the continent, making it the most widespread edition of the annual awards.

The highlight of the day was the panel discussion about why Digital Transformation should be a strategic priority in Africa.

Moderated by dx5 Chairman, Harry Hare, the panel included Prof Louis Fourie (Deputy VC at Cape Peninsula University), Allan Kipsang’ (Tribe Lead, Enterprise Solutions, Safaricom Plc), Catherine Muraga (Managing Director, Microsoft Africa Development Centre), and Steve Kamuya (Executive Director, Huawei Technologies Kenya)

The key discussion in the panel was how digital transformation goes beyond the technology part of it.

The main purpose of the discussion was to look at why there are a lot of digital transformation projects that fail.

The panelists talked about how technology is the backbone of digital transformation but to continue growing in the digital transformation journey, we need to also look at the People, the culture, and other factors that affect the growth of the company.

The Microsoft ADC Managing Director, Catherine Muraga, views technology as one of the key things that make a successful digital transformation project.

“For me, digital transformation is really about selling a vision. Take an analogy of building a cathedral. In this case, it’s explaining to the people who will cut the stones, those who will curve the doors, and those handling other areas. So that’s how I view technology in digital transformation, it’s one of the things needed to have a successful digital transformation journey,” Catherine said.

Most panelists agreed that the mistake is focusing on technology and forgetting about other important aspects of digital transformation.

The event will be concluded with a gala night on Friday, where various tech leaders will be feted for their contribution towards digital transformation in Africa.

Dx5’s Chief Executive Officer, Kelly Bentley, welcomed delegates and promised them an educative experience for the three days.

“The Chief Information Officer (CIO) has always been at the centre of these awards. However, technology has grown and it’s not just the CIO who is driving the digital transformation agenda in a company. This year there will be prizes for the entire C-suite, we are all on this digital transformation journey and we need to be recognized for the efforts that we put in,” she said.

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