NTSA Proposes Major Motor Vehicle Inspection Rules in New Act


As per the Constitution’s Article 10(2)(a), which emphasizes national values and governance principles such as public involvement, the NTSA is inviting members of the public and stakeholders to participate in various public forums based on a notice that highlights two draft proposals: Draft Motor Vehicle Inspection Regulations, 2023 and the Draft Traffic (Drunk Driving) Rules, 2023.

According to the proposed motor vehicle inspection rules, there is a requirement for all private vehicles over 4 years old to undergo a motor vehicle inspection test every two years.

Exceptions are made for newly imported vehicles that have already been inspected prior to importation. Commercial vehicles, public service vehicles, driving school vehicles, and school buses must undergo a pre-registration inspection before being registered and then an annual periodic inspection.

Salvage vehicles must undergo a salvage inspection after repairs and upgrades and then an annual periodic inspection. Vehicles involved in accidents may be subject to an inspection and vehicles that have undergone major structural or mechanical changes must undergo a modification inspection.

The regulations do not affect a police officer’s right to inspect any vehicle as provided for in the Act.

The proposal further adds that if a vehicle or trailer passes an inspection, an inspection report and certificate will be issued. If it does not pass, a defects inspection report will be given instead.

It is illegal to: (a) operate or allow someone else to operate an uninspected vehicle that is required to be inspected (b) possess an inspection certificate that was not issued for the specific vehicle it’s attached to (c) alter an inspection certificate (d) make or use an inspection certificate that was not issued by an official inspection center (e) possess or use an altered, fake or unauthorized inspection certificate (f) use an inspection certificate that was issued for another vehicle (h) change an official vehicle inspection report or extension permit (l) engage in any actions that go against the regulations.

Anyone who violates these regulations will be fined up to KES 1 million, face imprisonment up to 6 years, or both, in addition to any administrative penalties imposed by the Authority.

You can find out more details about the proposed bill here.


1Inspection of motorcycles and three-wheelers1300
2Inspection of vehicles below 3000 CC2600
3Inspection of vehicles above 3000cc3900
6Inspection of trailers under 5tons2600
7Inspection of trailers over 5tons3900
8Inspection of heavy commercial vehicles of less than 5 tons3900
9Inspection of heavy commercial vehicles over 5 tons4600
10Inspection report for accident vehicles2600
Applicationand Renewal fees for Licenses
13Inspector license annually5000
14Annual Inspection Center License Fee based on Zones
(a) Cities250,000
(b) Municipalities200,000
(c) Others150,000