Smart Foundry Releases Content Marketplace Platform, Rifaly

Left: Mr. Moses Kemibaro - Blogger and ICT Industry Analyst Center: Mr. Johannes Lutainulwa - Business Director Rifaly App Right: Madam Wanjiru Kiriro - Media and Consumer Research Specialist

Smart Africa Group, along with its subsidiary Smart Foundry – a company specializing in product development and management – has today announced a mobile application for content aggregation named Rifaly. Rifaly serves as a digital content hub, aimed at users who are interested in discovering information and knowledge about Africa through digital media.

Any person across the globe can use the app.

According to a statement by the company, the platform enables individuals with a smartphone and internet access to freely read, listen to, and stream a vast collection of digital content. Other than providing a free service, Rifaly also offers premium users the option of subscribing to an ad-free experience with a choice of daily, weekly, or monthly subscription rates.

Rifaly operates as a content marketplace, providing a channel for various content creators, such as print publishers, bloggers, podcasters, influencers, and storytellers, to upload their content onto the platform.

The platform offers a unique opportunity for these creators to earn a living from their craft, as they receive compensation each time a user downloads or streams their content. Rifaly is part of a growing number of digital platforms, like YouTube, Spotify, and TikTok, that empower local content creators to make a living by engaging and informing online audiences.

The Rifaly app is now available for download from the Google Play store for Android users or Apple’s App Store for iOS users.


Speaking at the launch of the event, Smart Africa Group CEO Mr. Edwin Bruno said that “academics, local publishers, and online influencers now have a home-grown solution to help them monetize their content online. Whether it’s print publications like books, newspapers, and magazines, or audio content like podcasts, Rifaly provides a reliable distribution channel and scalable revenue model that meets the users needs, at their convenience.”