What To Look For In A File Converter


Sharing files is common in many organizations, including schools and businesses. However, you may need to convert these files from one format to another to perform your intended action. For example, to edit a PDF file, you need to convert it to a Word document.  

Therefore, having an ideal file converter is essential for seamless operations in your brand. With the various online converters available, selecting the right one for your needs can be challenging. This article provides you with what to look for in a file converter.  

  1. Supported file formats  

Files can range in different formats, and you can receive them in any layout. For this reason, the converter you choose must support multiple formats. For instance, if you need to convert PDF to Word or vice versa, JPG to PDF, PDF to DOC, etc., the converter you choose must cover these options. This way, you wouldn’t need to purchase another converter or search for a different one online, but you can save time and money by using the existing one.   

  1. Processing speed  

Different converters have various processing speeds. Some may take a long time, while some need less time to convert. The best file converter should take the shortest time possible without compromising the quality of the outcomes.  

A slow tool can impact your productivity, making it hard to complete tasks on time. Therefore, before settling on a particular converter, it’s vital always to determine the conversion speed.   

  1. Security  

Security features are one of the most important things to look for in a file converter. The number of occurrences of cyberattacks keeps on increasing each year. For instance, in the first half of 2022, cyberattack cases increased by 42% compared to 2021. For that reason, confirm that the tool has tight security to avoid losing confidential information to unauthorized personnel.  

Read the converting tools’ privacy policies to know the kind of security they offer. You can also read reviews to obtain direct feedback from experienced users. Moreover, check if the site deletes your files after conversion.  

  1. User interface  

A file converter with a user-friendly interface is crucial, as it enables you to navigate around easily and makes your conversion seamless. You wouldn’t want an interface you’ll take a long time to learn or use. A user-friendly interface is familiar, clear, simple, concise, intuitive, and responsive. Therefore, look for these features before settling on a particular tool.   

  1. Optical character recognition (OCR)  

OCR is a technology that recognizes and converts characters like letters and numbers from written or printed files into machine-readable forms. It enables you to edit text, re-format documents, or search within scanned documents.  

Therefore, if you have scanned content in your documents, it’d be best to confirm if a converter supports this technology. This way, you can complete your conversion faster and with better results.   

  1. Free trial mode  

A free trial mode is essential for your purchase decision. It enables you to use the converter without limitations and check if it has the features you desire. You can determine its ease of use and conversion speed and ascertain if the free version meets your desires or if you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version.   

You would only want to pay for something that will satisfy your needs. Therefore, taking your time and searching for converters with a free trial mode is essential.  

  1. Quality of the results  

The most important thing in file conversion is the output quality. It determines the final look of your file after it’s converted. The best file converter should yield high-quality results, which means it should maintain the format and elements and not omit or cut any part of the file. Also, the texts must be clear.   

You can use the free version to test various converters and check every converter’s output quality and accuracy before paying for them with your hard-earned money.   

  1. Customer support  

Sometimes, using new software comes with challenges. For that reason, you’d want a converter with 24/7 customer support to answer your queries or solve any issues that may arise during the conversion process. Check if the converter you select provides customer support via live chat, email, or phone.   

  1. Cost  

Another significant thing to look for in a file converter is pricing. Even though most converters have a free version, they offer only basics, and you may need a paid version for more features. For this reason, ensure you choose a converter that meets your budget needs without compromising any essential elements. List all the features you need in a converter and pick the best software solution.    

Conclusion  The file converter you choose can significantly impact the effectiveness of your operations. Therefore, picking a converter that can best suit your needs is essential. You must determine the features you need in a converter to make the selection process faster. With the features above, you can select the appropriate converter that’ll help you obtain high-quality documents.