Bye Traffic Jams! KENHA Deploys Tech at the Busia Weighbridge

KENHA weighbridge in Busia

The Kenya National Highway Authority (KENHA) has introduced high-speed weigh-in-motion bridges along the busy Busia weighbridge. Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) is a technology that doesn’t require vehicles to stop for weighing.

Weigh-In-Motion is able to measure the weights and axle loads of vehicles traveling at normal speeds. The new WIM devices are designed to capture and record axle weights and gross vehicle weights as vehicles pass over a measurement site.

Trucks that have complied with axle load limits will not need to stop.

Both sides of the weighbridge have been fitted with the technology. That means truckers exiting the country to Uganda, and those coming in from Uganda will benefit from the effective system.

For empty trucks, the system will automatically weigh and clear the truck allowing the drivers to drive through. Wellington Odali, KENHA’s at the Busia weighbridge said: “It has actually eased traffic in a big way and improved the effective operation of the weighbridge”

The Busia weighbridge measures about 1500 to 2000 trucks in a day. Mr. Odali noted that measures have been taken by the authority to improve compliance with its regulation by truckers across East Africa.

Training and sensitization programs in partnership with transport Saccos have greatly been fruitful.

Weighbridges have been blamed for causing unnecessary traffic jams and aggravating other road users. The installation is timely and a relief to motorists following the huge traffic jams witnessed last year in Busia.


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