Google Lens: 9 Reasons You Must Use It for Search

Google Lens Helpful features

Google Lens is a simple visual search tool. Basically, what can be seen can be searched. Currently, the tool is available on the Google app (Android and iOS).

With Lens, you can search what you see with your camera, take a picture or a screenshot, or long press an image you see while browsing, and get a range of visual results to explore.

We look at Google Lens features.

1. Fact Check or Verify an image.

In a world of misinformation, disinformation and fake news especially via social media, we have lens.

In the event you see a photo posted, lens is the best tool to make a reverse search. For example, if your tinder match has profile pictures you can reverse search them.

This will enable you to verify if the images are real or have been sort from the internet.

2. Learn on the Go with Google Lens

Take a photo as you take a walk and search it on google lens. This could be a monument, a plant, a signage you do not understand and more. In short, whatever intrigues you take a photo and learn about it.

3. Search for skin conditions

We all get rashes, pimples or spots we do not understand. Take a picture and upload on lens.

Soon after, you will have visual results that match your skin tone. In fact, this is better than normal search as you rarely get your skin tone. This is especially true for black people.

4. Language Translation

Lens automatically detects written languages and displays the translation for you. This extremely helpful if you traveling and have to read a lot of content in a different language.

Moreover, you may come across an image online that has writings in a language you do not understand. Now, you can simply use lens.

5. Extract Text from an Image.

An image may have text you would like to use. Upload the image on lens, select text option and copy the text. You can copy the exact section you would like.

Additionally, if the text is a phone number you can easily extract it and make a quick call. In the event it’s a link, you simply click and visit the site.

6. Solve Questions

When studying or doing assignments you come across complex questions. Take a quick picture and search on google lens. You will be led to tutorials, solved equations and similar examples.

The solutions can be presented to you in the language you desire.

7. Quick Online Shopping

Screenshot a handbag, an electronic or even a car. Once done, search it on google lens and you will be presented with shoppable matches. Moreover, the matches will have links to the stores and you can quickly buy the product.

8. Discover Restaurants Near You

Multisearch allows you to search an image of a delicious looking meal. Do this and add the phrase “near me”. This will present you will all the nearby restaurants that serve the dish.

9. Bard AI

Google Lens will soon integrate with Bard AI to give you more ideas. For example, if you search for dress, Bard will suggest how to style yourself from top to bottom with the dress. It will also add, where you can make purchases on the web.

Google Lens Tabs

Currently, Google Lens has 7 tabs- Translate , Search, Text, Homework, Shopping , Places, and Dining.

Use the tab that best suits your need at the point of search. Additionally, if you are your phone you can copy text and send it to another linked device e.g. Your PC.

Start using Lens today if you are not already.

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