IXAfrica To Set Up A Second Data Hub In Nairobi

IXAfrica Data Centre Nairobi Kenya.

IXAfrica has officially announced its plans to set up a second data hub in Nairobi. The company has partnered with real estate developer Tilisi Developments PLC to purchase 11 acres of land for the construction of the data center.

Due diligence is currently underway to determine what the exact size of the campus will be, but initial estimates are pointing to a 30MW-plus facility.

“This expansion reaffirms our commitment to the region and our belief in its immense potential for growth and technological advancement.” Guy Willner, chairman of IXAfrica, said.

“With Tilisi’s industrial parks, high-quality development, reliable power and water supply, fresh air, and advantageous altitude for free cooling, this new campus will provide an ideal environment for our data center operations. With latency sub-5ms between the two campuses, the distance satisfies the maxima and minimal requirements for hyperscale deployments.”

In 2021, IXAfrica set up its first data centre campus with an overall design capacity of 22.5MW. This made it the largest data centre project in the Eastern Africa region.

So, What’s A Data Hub

A data hub is a center of data exchange that is supported by data science, data engineering, and data warehouse technologies to interact with endpoints such as applications and algorithms.

Benefits of having a data hub;

  • Improved data governance.
  • Faster decision-making.
  • Integrating data more effectively.
  • Easier scalability of systems.
  • Better data visibility.

IXAfrica in Nairobi, is the largest and technologically advanced digital habitat for cloud, collocation, and connectivity in East Africa.