Online dating services can be addictive: how can you avoid it?


Online dating came into our daily life with utmost speed, becoming an integral part of it. Many dating applications are firmly entrenched at the top of the AppStore and Google PlayStore. The number of users is increasing every second, minute, hour, day, month, and year depending on the dating service. More dating services are springing up here and there. According to recent data, there are more than eight thousand dating services today.

Online dating is a very positive trend by most parameters. Dating on the Internet is convenient, safe, and effective. Dating on the web allows you to forget about distances, borders, and language barriers. An interesting person can be found in just a few clicks, regardless of where they are, what language they speak, and what gadget they use for communication.

However, online dating has one significant disadvantage — it can be addictive. Moreover, it is quite strong. Today, we will talk about how online dating can cause serious addiction, what you need to do about it and to learn how to get the most out of them!

Causes of online dating addiction and why it’s a serious problem

On the Internet, you can find thousands of examples of how an attempt to arrange your personal life through online dating eventually transformed into an irresistible need to regularly log into the dating application and check for new incoming messages, or simply swipe photos of other users over and over again without explicit goals. This happens often because it has already become a habit that resulted in addiction.

Why does such an addiction occur at some point in our lives?

If you’ve ever wondered a little about why online dating is addictive, you’ve probably come across a version according to which every swipe provokes the release of dopamine; the happiness hormone. Literally, every action contributes to such insignificant emissions. However, each time they become weaker, the addiction becomes stronger.

Nonetheless, there is a slightly different version. In 2001, neuroscientist, Brian Knutson from Stanford conducted an interesting study showing that dopamine is not responsible for experiencing the reward by any means, but for its anticipation. This implies that we become happier from the anticipation of an interesting meeting, which causes addiction. It turns out that without much success on a dating site, a person gradually spends more time on the internet and less time in the real world.

How to prevent web dating addiction

Let’s define the exact things you need to do:

  1. Completely delete all dating apps and profiles on dating sites. Firstly, this is pointless. After all, if you break off everything abruptly, you will only want to return more strongly. Secondly, you didn’t reach the final goal — you didn’t meet your love. Why cut off any opportunity to do so?

  2. Remove all notifications from dating services. Limiting some of them is really useful. However, completely turning off all notifications so that they do not provoke you to go back to the application or the site is not entirely correct. After all, you risk missing a fateful message.

  3. Create a schedule for using dating services by the day. For example, you use dating sites or apps on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and on other days, you do not touch them. In reality, this doesn’t work. As a result, you will simply spend more time on the Web on “allowable” days, and on other days, you will break loose to check notifications and your inbox.

We advise you to refrain from any radical measures. If you really want to avoid the addiction and dependency of online dating, you need to act a little more thoughtfully. We are ready to share our recommendations with you:

  1. Determine your goals. Millions of users of dating apps/sites do not fully understand why they need them. Therefore, to begin with, you need to answer a simple question: “Why do I use the site/application?” Do you want to find your love here? Or maybe new friends? Or do you just want to communicate without obligations? Truly, understanding your own goals will greatly simplify life for you and your future acquaintances.

  2. Choose a few of the most convenient and suitable services for yourself. Moreover, do not limit yourself to classic dating. Try an alternative format — webcam chat. This is a platform that connects you with random interlocutors and allows you to communicate tête-à-tête on almost any topic. It provides a great opportunity to radically change the approach to dating, but not to abandon them. We recommend the following cam-to-cam chats such as, Azar, OmeTV, and Chathub. The services have proven themselves well enough, they have a large and loyal audience, and most importantly, camchat does not take as much time as classic online dating.

  3. Take advantage of niche and thematic dating services. If webcam chat does not give the desired result and is addictive, try less crowded, but more narrowly focused online dating services. Actually, there are a lot of them. You can find sites for vegetarians, dog owners, travel lovers, bearded men, girls who love bearded men, etc. Sometimes a small niche dating site can do something that some multi-million dollar Tinder or its other largest analogues cannot.

  4. Don’t forget about the real world. Online dating is very convenient, you can’t argue about that. However, due to this convenience and comfort, a person gets used to the online world too quickly, completely forgetting about the existence of the real world. The individual ceases to consider the possibility of meeting someone in person, and simply ignores other people’s attempts to make friends or relationships. Don’t do that, the real world hasn’t gone away!

  5. If the addiction becomes critical, contact a specialist. Any serious addiction is dangerous for a person. In some cases, the best solution is to turn to a psychologist who will help you overcome this addiction and help you move on. Therefore, if you feel that you need help, do not hesitate to get one.

Always remember that you should never give up. Some people are lucky and may find their love in just a few days of being on a dating site or in live camchat. Others take months or even years to meet the person with whom they will connect their fate. Nonetheless, it’s worth it!

Let’s summarize

Internet dating is the widest opportunity for each of us. The best option is to know how to use these opportunities. Are you too addicted to your favorite site or app? Have they replaced real life for you? Have you become overly dependent?

It is possible and necessary to use dating services in the modern world — this is completely normal. The main thing is to understand the reason for doing this, the goals you want to achieve, and what tools you will use. Therefore, do not be afraid to discover something new for yourself, experiment with dating formats, and not turn online dating into an endless routine. Good luck!

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