Pick Up Mtaani New Mobile App Promises New Features

Pick Up Mtaani iOS & Android

Pick Up Mtaani is a delivery service provider that aims to make shopping online easier. The company allows customers to shop online and pick the item from an agent located in residential areas. Hence, customers do not have to commute and physically pick purchased items.

The company clients can now access services via Android and iOS apps. Ordinarily, clients place delivery orders via the Pick Up Mtaani website or via Instagram. Going forth, one can search for ‘Pickup Mtaani’ on the Google Play Store or on Appstore, install the app, and proceed to create an account.

There are two types of mobile Apps, one is for clients and the other is for Pick Up Mtaani Agents. From the platform, agents receive a commission for every package collected from their location.

This announcement is an indication the company is growing. However, the delivery services are not yet accessible outside of Nairobi County and its environs.

Pick Up Mtaani App Features

With the launch of Mobile apps, Pick up Mtaani has announced a number of changes. First Pay on Delivery will now be available when one goes to pick up a package from the Mtaani agents. Pay-on delivery is also available for doorstep delivery. Before the app, all payment was done the moment a client made a pickup request.

Pick Up Mtaani Payment on Delivery

Secondly, the app will have parcel tracking. Therefore, clients will be able to monitor the exact live location of a parcel. This feature is expected to improve trust on the platform. Via the old website, a tracking feature is available but tracking is not real-time. Additionally, one has to wait for an SMS to confirm the parcel’s arrival at a mtaani agent.

For sellers using the platform, Pickup Mtaani Pochi will give access to all the payments collected after delivery. The sellers can withdraw the funds when they wish to. The app also has a customer list to help sellers organize their customer data.

Lastly, the app will have push notifications to inform users of the status of the parcels.

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