Media Taskforce Announced to Develop Data and AI Guidelines

David Omwoyo, CEO, Media Council of Kenya
David Omwoyo, CEO, Media Council of Kenya

The Media Council of Kenya (MCK) has announced a technical committee to develop media guidelines on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), data and social media to ensure appropriate and ethical integration for their use in professional journalism in Kenya. The MCK says the move is in response to rapid changes in technology.

The technical team is drawn from media, technology, academia and legal fields and is expected to detail the benefits and threats of new technologies. In addition, the team will make recommendations on ethical considerations aimed at improving the quality of journalism, integrating the use of data in journalism while at the same time offering professional ways of eliminating harmful content from the media.

CEO of the MCK, David Omwoyo, says, “Media houses are using AI to maximise on audience segmentation and feedback as the industry finds footing in the fast-changing operating environment.”

Mr Omwoyo calls for the need for a clear strategy for media capacity building and ethical guidelines. He adds, “In addition to the utilisation of AI and data in their work, the media have a duty to provide accurate information and coverage on matters data and AI and their implications in the daily lives of Kenyans, their government and other actors.

In a statement shared today, the MCK adds, “The Council acknowledges the huge leaps in technology including the advent of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and automation, which have allowed for breakthrough insights and applications that may truly change the world forever. Media content gathering, production and dissemination have changed and altered dynamics.”

New MCK taskforce deliverables and members

The team will work for three months and will develop the following documents:

  • A Journalists’ Handbook for Reporting Artificial Intelligence and Data.
  • Media Guidelines on the Use of Artificial Intelligence and Data.
  • Ethical Guidelines on the Use of Social Media and the Internet by Journalists and Media Houses.

The media industry working group on establishing media guidelines for utilisation of AI and data comprises:

  1. Sara Mumbua Nzuki,
  2. Michael Michie,
  3. Prof John Walubengo,
  4. Susan Mute,
  5. Ellen Wanjiru,
  6. Carole Kimutai,
  7. Silas Kiragu,
  8. Margaret Kalekye,
  9. Michael Oriedo,
  10. Dr Gilbert Mugeni,
  11. Rosemary Mwangi,
  12. Demus Kiprono,
  13. Ken Bosire,
  14. Alexander Masiga,
  15. Oliver Mathenge,
  16. Jeremiah Wakaya,
  17. George Mwamodo,
  18. Francis Mureithi,
  19. Alex Mwangi,
  20. Joel Karanja,
  21. Oscar Otieno,
  22. Paul Kaindo,
  23. Anhosi K’Obonyo,
  24. Jared Kidambi,
  25. Lilian Kimeto,
  26. Antony Laibuta,
  27. Kenneth Kibet,
  28. Fridah Naliaka,
  29. Eric Munene