New SGR Ticket Prices and How to Book Online

Madaraka Express

The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) made its maiden Journey in 2017. It is owned by Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) and operated by Africa Star Railway Operation Company.

In the six years since its launch in June 2017, the Madaraka Express operations have generated revenues of more than Sh70.13 billion from the cargo and SGR ticket revenue.

In terms of fares, SGR began operations with an offer rate of KES 700. This was then normalized to KES 1000 for regular tickets and KES 3000 for VIPs. In October 2023, Kenya Railways revised SGR fares upwards with the adjustment taking effect on 1st January 2024.

A first class SGR ticket will now cost KES 4,500 while normal SGR tickets for Economy class will cost KES 1,500. This is for the full journey from the Syokimau terminus to the Miritini terminus.

The new SGR Fares

Image from Kenya Railways

How to Book SGR Tickets Online

Online booking of SGR has certainly facilitated the many passengers who have used the train to commute between the two Kenyan cities of Mombasa and Nairobi.

  1. Visit the SGR website.
  2. Choose your preferred train type.
  3. Select your departure station.
  4. Pick your destination.
  5. Specify the travel date and, if applicable, the departure time.
  6. Click “Book a Train” to search for available trains at your selected location.
  7. Fill in the Number of Travelers

After clicking “Book a Train” on the last page, you’ll be directed to another page displaying the prices for First Class and Economy tickets for both adults and children.

Scroll down to indicate the number of passengers and the desired coach type. The page will also show the total fare, departure and arrival times. Tap the “Book a Train” option in order to proceed.

SGR Booking Information and Online Payment

This page needs you to provide passenger details by their identification documents. Each adult (aged 18 and above) must furnish a valid ID card or passport number. For the case of children, you are required to present the valid ID or passport number of their guardian/parent.

For Payment, enter your MPESA mobile number. The Email address entry is optional). After that hit the  “Proceed for payment” button to continue. Remember, the Madaraka Express discontinued Cash payments in January 2023.

Confirm Reservation Details and Make Payment

A page will load showing a summary of your journey details. At this point, you are to check and verify all the information is correct. The system will require you to confirm you are not a bot and also, you’ll be asked to check the “Accept Terms & Conditions Box”.

The payment option comes up. Here, you can choose to “Pay Now” or “Pay Later,” depending on your readiness.

How to Make Payment for SGR Tickets Online

In the event you choose “PAY NOW”:

  1. Hit the “PAY NOW” button where you’re prompted to “Choose Payment Option.”
  2. The system will automatically process the payment using the MPESA account number you provided.
  3. You should receive a payment popup on your phone. Tap the popup message.
  4. Enter your MPESA PIN, then tap OK.
  5. You’ll receive a confirmation SMS on your phone. Confirm the transaction by providing the OTP.
  6. Wait for about two minutes to validate your transaction on the page.

Sometimes the system can’t process the payment automatically. Don’t fret, another page will load that will guide you on how to make the payment through the MPESA menu on your phone.

Paying for SGR Tickets Via M-Pesa on Phone

Open your MPESA menu on your phone.

  1. Select “Lipa Na MPESA.”
  2. Choose “PayBill.”
  3. Enter the SGR PayBill number (usually 809888) as displayed on the screen.
  4. Enter the account number as shown below the pay bill number.
  5. Enter the corresponding amount, then tap “OK.”
  6. Wait for a confirmation message from MPESA, then tap the “Confirm Payment” button on the SGR website.

Next, you will print the ticket to complete the process. In case you have a feature phone “mulika Mwizi”, you can book the SGR tickets via *639# USSD as outlined.