SafeCar, The New Taxi Hailing Service Under SafeBoda

SafeCar Taxi service under SafeBoda
Image from Safeboda on X

SafeBoda is returning to the Kenyan market after after a break up with Kenyans that lasted 3 years. Perhaps a case of second time is a charm, the startup comes back with some changes. SafeBoda is transitioning from being solely a ride-hailing startup to offering both motorcycle (boda boda) and car-hailing services. The name given to the car hailing service is SafeCar.

This strategic shift reflects the potentially higher profitability and improved unit economics associated with car hailing. Having successfully gained a considerable market share from Uber in Uganda through its car-hailing service, SafeCar will target a piece of Kenya’s larger market, which rivals South Africa and Nigeria.

Safeboda and SafeCar services will be available to Kenyans from the 8th of February.

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Facing established players like Uber, Bolt, and Little Cab, as well as new players Fara’s, SafeBoda’s return to Kenya will be a test of its adaptability and competitiveness in the evolving African ride-hailing landscape.

SafeCar Electric Fleet

What will be worth noting is the make up of SafeCar fleet. Since its departure, e-mobility has grown in Kenya. This has seen key players in the sector embrace electric powered motorbikes and electric vehicles as part of their fleet. With major e-mobility startups such as Roam having assembly plants in Kenya, SafeBoda is most likely to copy the likes of Uber and have part of the fleet made up of electric boda boda and cars.

In 2020, the company had this message to it’s customers in Kenya :”This was a hard decision for us to make but we are still dedicated to empowering communities. Thank you for being a part of the #NduthiGang“.

The return of the ride hailing startup is perhaps a sign to the market that an exit is not necessarily a death knell.