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Data Commissioner fines nightclub, school and mobile loan app

Kenya’s Data Commissioner Sends Clear Message with Heavy Penalties

It’s been 3 years since the first Data Commissioner for Kenya was appointed. Finally, the Kenyan data watchdog has started to bite. Today, the Office...
Kenya’s Unique Personal Identifier (UPI) to start in September

Kenya’s Unique Personal Identifier (UPI): What You Need to Know

The government of Kenya is launching a policy framework for efficient online registration of births and deaths. In brief, it has introduced a Unique...

The Process of Registering as a Data Controller and Data Processor

Last week, we learned that Data Controllers and Data Processors must register their organizations according to the stipulations in the Data Protection Act, 2019....

State Opens Registration for Data Processors and Data Controllers

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC) has announced the commencement of the registration of Data Controllers and Data Processors. The activity started...

CS Mucheru Names Taskforce to Develop The Data Protection General Regulations

The Data Protection Act, 2019, was signed into law back in 2019. It presented a series of features and requirements, one of them being...

Data Commissioner Issues Draft Guidelines on Processing Personal Data During the Pandemic

The office of the Data Protection Commissioner, alongside the COVID-19 ICT Advisory Committee has published a draft Guidance Note on Personal Data Protection on...
Immaculate Kassait

Global Tech Corporations Not Spared from Scrutiny in Kenya Data Protection Law

The Data Protection Act went live in 2019. The law has been under exploration for an extended period, following pressure from activists that wanted...

MyComplyKit Aims To Ease Data Compliance Process For Businesses

  Data protection has become a new requirement for companies in the recent past. The Internet is now part and parcel of our daily lives...

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