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Digital Lenders Are Blatantly Abusing Data Protection Laws and They Don’t Care

There a ton of mobile lending apps out there; and they have thrived because the online lending space is unregulated, to say the least,...

Immaculate Kassait Data Commissioner Tenure Starts Following Swearing-In Ceremony

Last month (October 2020), President Kenyatta appointed Immaculate Kassait as Kenya’s first Data Commissioner. The office was created when the Data Protection Act was passed...

America Twists Kenya’s Arm About Digital Services Tax

A recent trade deal discussion between Kenya and the US has revealed that the super power wants Kenya adjust some of its local regulations. The...

State Shortlists 10 Data Protection Commissioner Candidates for a July Appointment

The Data Protection Bill 2019 was made into law in November 2019. The law is important owing to wide use of digital services, and...

The Data Protection Bill 2019 is Now Law. Here is What that Means for Kenyans

The Data Protection Bill, 2019, is officially a law. This development occurred today after President Kenyatta signed the act that has been undergoing deliberations...
Kenya Parliament

Parliament Sets Public Participation Date for Data Protection Bill 2019

The Data Protection Bill 2019 was proposed both in the National Assembly and the Senate. The duplicate bills, which are pursuing the same goal,...